First Post From Contributor Seemus O'Flannagan

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Post by Seamus O’Flannagan

I had envisioned this article, in part, about a Los Angeles native giving inside information to the masses about what Hollywood has become.  However, I had an epiphany, and that is, our whole movement is based in part on what Hollywood has become.  It is a direct response to industries whole sale attack on our American values of individualism, freedom of choice, freedom of religion, and that it is we the people whom the government must answer to, not the other way around.  I might have more specifics than some on how Hollywood came to this point, but the general belief is that it has become corrupted to the state that it is beyond repair, being saved.  That sentiment is warranted and true.  

Hollywood has for many decades had a contingent that was hostile to the ethos of what made America America.  The McCarthy era was not about paranoia but about real infiltration by communist party members into levers of power within certain key industries, including Hollywood.  However, we still had the likes of John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Jimmy Stewart, and later John Milius and Mel Gibson.  That Hollywood is gone now though, initially weakened through the hedonistic excesses of the 1960's cultural revolution, and finished off with CCP backed money buying controlling stakes in all major studios.  

The question that many have is what do we do now?  We are at the end of one era, and are at the beginning of another.  In decades past, you needed the centralized network of a studio to make films, now, that has become decentralized with much of the technology required to make a film accessible to the masses.  We are now our own studios.  It is us, the patriotic masses who will define this next epoch in American history, not Hollywood.  We must realize though that this struggle is only one facet of a broader one, and this is a war, and whomever wins it will define not just our country, but the fate of the world for the foreseeable future.  

One thing that we must come to terms with is at a foundational level our movement is a return to the ideals espoused by the founders, and in that, we need to recognize that there will be differences amongst us.  Cooperation is key in moving forward, however we must also be discerning, it is a tough line to walk, as if you are too amendable, you run the risk of not being critical of persons who might not have the interests of America at heart.  If we are too discerning, we can become myopic, foreclosed to people who are a bit eccentric and esoteric.  Lets not make the same mistake as Hollywood did of the past and allow ourselves no judgement or too much judgement, absolute anarchy or collectivism.  Embrace freedom and all that comes with it, the arguments, the discourse.  Let us be the unencumbered and free men and women that our country was built on and will help usher in another golden age.

Seemus O’Flannagan