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What would it look like if deception was being used to save our Republic?

I have heard many patriots, both seasoned and newly awakened, voice their frustration and discouragement at the absurdity we are seeing around us. I’ve had too many experiences trying to keep fellow patriots from taking the “black pill.” To many, justice has been delayed for so long they can’t imagine it will ever come.  On a personal level, those closest to me often seem to seek me out to vent their frustration on.

This, for me, has been the single-most difficult aspect of this war. I have lost acquaintances, friends and family over my refusal to back down in defense of my country and my president, but it has been several of those who have purported to be fighting alongside me who have caused me more heartache and frustration than I ever would have imagined.  It is my hope that what I write here will help to explain why I may have a completely different perspective when I consider this time of waiting.

You see, I have come to understand that delayed justice is the “carrot on a stick” that is being used to help save our country. At first, I hesitated to use that metaphor. It seems a natural reaction to it is a negative one, such as the one I shared recently when the former head of Planned Parenthood used it in an effort to push vaccines on CNN.

But since there is nothing about what we are seeing/hearing that should be approached with preconceived notions, I chose to use it purposefully. It is those very same notions that can serve to make us blind to the bigger picture…which is one that I believe will not only help to vindicate patriots longing for justice today, but also may serve to help bring about justice for those who didn’t live long enough to ever see it served.

To put a finer point on it, I believe PATRIOTS are holding the stick, PATRIOTS are chasing the carrot, and it’s the very pursuit of that carrot, in all its painfully long, frustrating, confusing and often absurd glory—that I believe may come to be recognized as the most important aspect of this amazing time we are living in right now. 

What if I told you that we, the “conspiracy theorists,” who finally began feeling some sort of vindication after today’s hearing in Maricopa could not POSSIBLY hold a candle to the heartbreak and devastation other patriots in our history may have had to endure because no one would listen to or believe them, let alone act on their advice?  What if I pointed out that many may have been required to stay silent because they had sworn an oath to serve our country? What if I told you that I couldn’t imagine the heartbreak felt by those who, in the past, had a clear vision of what danger was happening, as well as what was coming, but were completely powerless to do anything to stop it? What if ultimately, some were forced to sit by and watch the needless deaths of the very same people they swore an oath to protect?

As many people may recall, things were BAD when Trump announced his candidacy. Personally, as I have shared with the group before, I was completely unaware of whom Trump really was, and to be quite honest, I didn’t really care. Nothing could be worse than Hillary, or the slow and painful death she was clearly eager to usher our country toward. I was not alone in my sentiment. The patriots I spoke with at the time shared my philosophy: we were ready to hurry up and help it all burn down quickly rather than give it up to the likes of a criminal like Hillary Clinton.

If I felt that way, a civilian middle-aged mom, I can only imagine what the sentiment must have been like among patriots within our military.  But I digress.

Just as I saw the trends before the 2016 election that lent to my “extreme” viewpoint, millions of others saw them too. Although many civilians may not have understood the gravity of what was happening, I have no doubt that those trained to observe such trends as a matter of defense policy were well aware.

This audience is likely aware that many people today consider Pearl Harbor a “false flag” event. After all, it is hard to imagine a more appropriate term for what could be considered such a preventable mass casualty event. Did you know that as early as 1932 US military wargames had identified the specific vulnerability of Pearl Harbor? 

“The strategic threat of Japanese surprise attacks…was not something the American military missed.” –Larry Hancock (Surprise Attack: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 to Benghazi)

The observance of these documented trends, when coupled with the code-breaking system known as Magic, led to the conclusion, “Make no mistake about it, Japan was going to war and those with access to Magic knew it.” - Gordon Prange (At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor)

In the interest of time, I will refrain from mentioning other examples in which a clearly identified emergent threat was documented, brought to the attention of those who could stop it, and then completely ignored. In the aftermath of these events, a newly traumatized and shocked public was easily convinced to agree to policy decisions, a new war, or to give up their rights in what they perceived as a “small cost” to future safety.

Instead, I offer this alternative viewpoint:

Documented emergent threats are being brought to the attention of WE THE PEOPLE so we can demand they be addressed.

My point here, one that I hope may be brought to the minds of every patriot the next time they take note of an unusual abundance of crisis actors or become exasperated by the kabuki theater itself, is that it’s the PATRIOTS who calling the shots. 

Where in the past we were at the mercy of those who didn’t hesitate to sacrifice human lives in a false-flag psy-op intended to harm us, I believe we are now witnessing patriots using actors to psy-op the world with the truth.

I can go into further detail about this amazing cooperative effort that I believe is now happening, what an utter miracle it is, and offer more details that will help to explain why those of us seeking justice (the rabbits chasing the carrot) are of enormous importance to our nation’s future, but for now I will close with a term that many of us may not be familiar with:

“Strategic shock.”

Unlike “false flag,” I believe this term may more accurately convey what we are seeing right now (think Ashli Babitt). The focus, in my opinion should not be on WHO is acting, but what the policy changes might be that need to be addressed in the aftermath of these types of events. In that way, as we pursue that big, beautiful carrot, we can loudly demand the changes that will help to keep our country safer in the future.

In that way, we can stop being tossed about by the storm, we can BE the storm.

A.C. Harmony