Contributing Article From Seamus O'Flannagan

Where Are We?

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Mornings, just before the sun has become completely visible have become a time when I can not escape the inescapable.  Where are we as a country?  How did the situation evolve, or more appropriately how did we begin this descent into madness that will eventually lead to an American Gotterdammerung if left unchecked. It is prudent and necessary to examine the genesis, the nexus of this unraveling, for if we are to rebuild, we need to be acutely aware of the various mistakes we as a nation have made that led us to this point.

Before we decide what it is that went wrong, it is probably appropriate to first decide what the issue is.  The central piece, the crux of our problem is not government, but us, our culture and society.  It was us as a society that decided that the delicate balance between the rights of the individual and the rights of the collective should tilt more in favor of the collective.  This process began with the delegitimization of the individual at the expense of the collective, to the point where the only way to measure an individuals worth is summed up in their various associations to that collective.  This march to the centralization of power by the federal government,  didn't start but accelerated drastically under the progressive notions of President Woodrow Wilson, stemmed from our culture, or more appropriately our "New Priesthood" of experts (Doctors, scientists, professors).  No longer was someones own experience or knowledge enough, it needed to be approved by the collective, by the new "Exalted Ones" of our time.  It is this central point where our country began this descent into this collective insanity, because it is the collective's delegitimization of any individual, anything really that threatens it's existence.  The balance has come undone, and it is completely out of sorts.  We can not have an entirely individualistic society nor can we have one that is an absolutely collectivist one, a tyranny.  There must be a balance.

This struggle is one that has defined the history of humanity.  However, America is unique in that it's founding recognized the divination of our rights.  Only our creator has the ability to take these away, not a supposed elected body of persons in an area of reclaimed swampland.  We stand apart in that we hold firm that the rights of an individual to define the course of their life are paramount, sacred even.  To infringe on those rights goes against everything that not only this country was founded on, but that our creator, God, wanted in allowing us self determination and free will.

That is what separates our movement from that of the left.  We might appear to be one large mass, but in actuality it is Americans reconnecting with our individual liberty, their God given rights that can only come from God.  It is this key recognition that it is not the collective that defines your human experience or what rights you have, but the individual and that individual's connection to God.  We can not flourish as a country if we allow the continued infringement, delegitimization of an individual's ability to experience and participate in life on their own terms, and not those dictated by the collective.  

We are at war, and though currently this war is one that is being waged primarily in the digital and psychological realm, it will not be permanently relegated there.  I am willing to give my life so that my unborn daughter has the opportunity to live in a land where she does not have to answer to some un elected body for permission to do the most menial of tasks.  We must all be willing to do that.  That is the task ahead of us.  We are on a tumultuous, but a glorious path.  Adversity will be the norm, but in these difficult times, we will rediscover our unique American experience, and be the guiding light for the world.

Seamus O’Flannagan