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Trump Coming Back To Social Media?

It was reported yesterday that Trump and his legal team asked a federal judge to force Facebook to give him his account back while the lawsuit is still in progress.

There are a few interesting takeaways here:

  • The comments made by the Joe Biden White House in June fit right in line with everything I discussed in Devolution - Part 12 - “Playbook.” In order to successfully implement a color revolution, you need to be able to control the narrative. The political establishment will do anything and everything to silence Trump for as long as possible. It’s part of their plan to stay in power.

  • The timing of this preliminary filing is most interesting. They filed the initial lawsuit on July 7th, 2021 and are just now (3 months later) filing the injunction to get back on the platform while the case is being decided. Why didn’t they do this sooner and why now? I believe timing is everything and Trump is working to get back his platforms because he will be looking for the largest possible platform for whatever will be coming. This is a really exciting development.

Interesting Twitter Thread

TheLastRefuge put out an interesting twitter thread back on September 28th that somebody just pointed out to me. Now I’m still not sure whether Milley is a white hat or black hat (I tend to lean WH) but this is an interesting story regardless.

Here is the video from the above screenshot:

"The specific purpose of the October and January calls were generated by concerning intelligence, which caused us to believe the Chinese were worried about an attack on them by the United States.”

Notice that it wasn’t actually China who stated they were worried, it was the United States intelligence community who claimed that they had intelligence China was worried. There are two possible ways to look at this:

  1. The U.S. Intel community had legitimate intel that China was worried about an attack. If this is true, why would the Chinese be worried about an attack from the United States? Trump didn’t attack anybody out of the blue at any point during his Presidency. He was the first President in some time who didn’t enter us into a new war, and an attack on China would have certainly done that. So why would China be worried? Did they do something to justify being worried? Something to do with a stolen election? Something to do with a virus originating from a CCP bioweapons lab? Something to do with defector Dong Jing Wei?

  2. The U.S. Intel community fabricated the intel that China was worried about an attack. This scenario would be right out of the “Playbook” to create the narrative of “Orange Man Bad.” The fact that they took this information to Milley is telling. That tells me that while Trump was still in office, the political establishment believed Milley was on their side. Whether that is true remains to be seen but either way, the Milley/China storyline is one I’ll be following closely as more unfolds. More to come on this.

U.S. Troops Secretly Helping Taiwan For Over A Year

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the United States has had Special Operation forces in Taiwan for over a year helping them prepare for war with China. That article is behind a paywall so here is the coverage from the Daily Wire.

The Taiwan/China situation will be one we want to watch closely. There is plenty of evidence to show that Joe Biden is compromised by China through his son Hunter and Biden has been very pro-China since his time as Vice President. Any search online of “Biden pro China” could net hundreds of examples, but here is a Gen Z Conservative article from May of 2020 with a decent summary:

We will have to keep an eye on Biden’s statements and actions as things unfold. If we have had Special Ops forces in Taiwan for over a year, it means that was started under Trump and that is a good sign. I wonder if the Biden administration even knew about this.

We know they had no clue the military had defector Dong Jing Wei (see Devolution - Part 2). We also know that Trump’s administration was stonewalling the incoming Biden administration during the transition period specifically regarding certain Special Operations that were taking place (Devolution - Part 3).

I will keep this on my radar and comment further as we learn more.

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