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Contributing author Cat had a fantastic article yesterday regarding Trump and his use of executive orders in relation to Covid. As I have said before, there is definitely more to the story on that topic. Here is that artilce:

Devolution Daily - 10/18/21 - by Patel Patriot

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The Beijing/Biden “Contradictions”  

by Contributing Author Just Human

I have to say, Biden isn’t doing the CCP nearly as many favors as I thought he would. Not even close.

Consider the following: 

-AUKUS Nuclear Submarine Deal 

-US Fleets deployed near Taiwan 

-Sale of 200 F-16s to Taiwan 

-Tariffs on China still in place 

-Chatter of keeping most of Trump's tariffs in place and adding more in the near future                                                                                      

-Suspension of shipping radioactive materials and hydrogen isotopes to China 

What could explain these apparent contradictions?

 “Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.”  ― Ayn Rand

So what gives, then? 

Is it because he wants to shed the image of being bought off-- or at least heavily influenced by—the CCP? 

Or maybe it’s that midterms are just one year away and the COVID narratives are fractured beyond repair. The origins of the virus are becoming more apparent and I would imagine everyone associated with the Biden “administration” is feeling the need to put some serious distance between themselves and Beijing. That’s what’s called being between a rock and a hard place, I’d say. 

The swamp wants to keep the COVID crisis going for so many reasons, but one of them is that as far as polling goes, it was all they had. In 2020, COVID was the only issue on which Biden regularly polled more favorably than Trump. Minus the echo chambers of the most intensely blue cities, every other issue has been an ultimate loser for them. They needed that “crisis” to appear as though they weren’t completely drowning in the polls…almost as much as they needed the mail-in ballots to steal an election. 

But alas, it’s nothing but a poisoned chalice now.   

Another explanation for these contradictions could, of course, be the fact that the Biden family is under Federal investigation and have documented ties to CCP entities. I would imagine doing any sort of favors for the very people you’ve made your swampy deals with probably isn’t a very good look. 

Or maybe Biden just isn't as influenced by CCP as was perceived. Either because he never really was, OR because that influence ended when his son's CCP business partner disappeared and the Feds came knocking on Hunter's door.

Finally, there is also the possibility that this is exactly what Devolution looks like. As far as I’m concerned, these would be about the best signs of it we could hope to get.

Whatever the reason is—and it could be all of the above—I’m glad. 

Patel Patriot

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