Our Light will Overcome Their Darkness

Contributing Author Seamus O'Flannagan

A post from contributing author Seamus O’Flannagan

Erbarme dich mein gott

To recognize that we are defeating this leviathan of evil seems absurd to most right now.  On the surface it appears that we have already lost.  All major corporations, prominent business persons, the whole of our government, even "The Pope", are in alignment and on the verge of extinguishing life as we know it.  But appearances can be deceiving.  The one thing that our diabolical enemy covets most is maintenance of their "Great Lie."  Their "Great Lie," is that their life, their very existence is one defined by duplicity and secrecy, for in being able to remain hidden, and their true goals not stated, we are not able to clearly see who and what they truly are.  By removing their facades, we are able to view them for what they are, which is the earthly manifestation of evil.  Their emergence from the shadows is proof positive that we are winning and are closer to victory than many realize.  By showing the world their true face, they have relinquished their greatest strength, which is their concerted deception of the world to their true goals and their essence.

To not see our adversaries as anything other than this is not only naïve, it will also preclude us from achieving complete victory and a lasting peace.  This jump is tough for many, as this struggle involves all of us, and we personally know many people who either do not recognize the dimensions and ramifications of this fight, or are actively resisting our efforts.  Except for those who have committed unspeakable acts, there is not only hope and redemption for them, our efforts must be directed at getting them to return to goodness and God.  What the enemy wants now more than ever is for us to destroy each, to do their dirty work for them.  This path to victory over this evil that has permeated our entire world will take many paths, but one of the most crucial paths is denying the other side the opportunity for us to forsake our goodness by committing evil in the hope some good will come of it.  

Every day that we are able to elucidate more friends and family on the consequences of this titanic struggle , we get that much closer to victory.  Actively work to restore the faith in mankind's goodness and God in those around you.  Faith for many is hard to grasp now, and that withdrawal from your inner connection to God is exactly what our enemy wants.  Rebuild that bridge, in that process you will discover the hope, courage and strength that is required by all us to vanquish this darkness from our world.  Once you have found that strength, act decisively to resist and fight this evil. We are winning and will be victorious.  I will end this with the words of a man who witnessed the results of evil's triumph over man.  Heed his warning.  Let us not repeat our past mistakes.

The price of cowardice will only be evil. We shall reap courage and victory only when we dare to make sacrifices. - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Seamus O’Flannagan