Pit of your Stomach, Ride of your life

By Contributing Author Seamus O'Flannagan

By Contributing Author Seamus O’Flannagan

Humans are very perceptive animals, we have a great deal more intuitive instincts than most people want to admit or even realize.  The tension that is in the air is palpable, you can cut it with a knife.  That visceral angst is there because every day people on both sides of this struggle are coming to the realization of what is at stake.  The top dog globalists have known for quite some time that Trump and the patriots were an existential threat to their very existence.  The longer they were able to publicly wield power, the more assured their (Globalist's) destruction would be.  That is why so many within the reigning power structure had an absolute meltdown when Trump won in 2016 and threw everything, including the kitchen sink, at him.  With the steps that are being taken by both governments and Global corporations, we now also realize what is at stake, in essence, everything, life itself.  

Many have deluded themselves, just as humans have throughout history, that it is better to keep one's head down than to risk losing everything.  But what is there left to lose when you realize that the entire system is a corrupt facade, and that we are in many ways no different than the medieval serfs whose income and life was predicated on the whims of their Lords.  Is this current system really worth preserving, is it really a loss if it is taken from us?  The despotic actions taken by this entire system have validated what the fringe has been saying for many years, that what we thought we had was merely an illusion, and with these tyrannical acts, our political rulers and CEO's of global corporations have only ushered in their own demise, for we now can witness their true face.  

As Americans we do need to atone for our past inaction, and this lack of decisive action does not simply lie at our feet, but of previous generations as well.  Decades of average Americans quietly acquiescing more and more of their individual freedoms for a litany of reasons, but the primary reasons have been derived from fear.  Fear of the enemy, which was first Imperial Germany, then Japan and Nazi Germany, then the USSR, then Jihadi's and now Americans themselves.  This fear of the enemy also manifested itself into the fear of responsibility, for with responsibility come consequences. 

Through this culture of fear, we lose sight of what is at stake when we begin to give into demands that we target a certain group of people or a specific segment of our rights, it is the beginning of the end of freedom.  Consequences are tough, you actually have to live with the results of your actions, and for our ruling elite, they do not like to have any ill effects on their poor decisions affecting them in even the slightest.  And we saw that for our elites, that lack of causation for their decisions made their lives amazing, and we wanted that carefree life for ourselves.  And so decades later, we are witnessing this shattering of this entire system that is rotten to it's core due mainly to our inaction and fear of taking responsibility for our actions.

For the most part, much of America was still asleep throughout Trump's first term as President.  The MSM, global corporations, their political stooges all had their emotional fits.  We saw these histrionics as just another example of why we voted for Trump.  We were not able to see the causality in what was occurring.  That was, if Trump was successful in his goals of returning power to the people, this entire Political and power structure that had been in place for well over a century would come crashing down.  In that great shattering, all of these people would be cast aside and their true goals and motivations revealed.  They would not be able to walk down the street as many people have stated.  What is currently occurring is that great shattering, and we are not going back to what life was like before this. 

As Humans, one thing that we fear above that of a foe or responsibility is the unknown.  We can not quantify it and in that inability to size up what could happen, many of us retreat into what is known, even if that what is known is absolute tyranny.  We must be willing to unshackle ourselves from this and embrace this unknown future, for the present is nothing that I want to hand down to my children or grandchildren.

Stay strong, stay committed to the goal of returning power to the people and God bless everyone of you reading this.

Seamus O’Flannagan

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