The Beauty Of It All

By Contributing Author Seamus O'Flannagan

Article from contributing author Seamus O’Flannagan

Life is duality.  Good vs evil, pure vs the corrupt, faith vs fear. 

From this moment that we are living through, we can take in the fear that is omnipresent, or we can see that without the destruction, without the tearing down of the entirety of this rotten vessel that we all inhabit, there can be no rebirth. 

That is what is occurring. A new age for humanity is emerging, one that is not manipulated by an elite seeking only to live off of us and not with us. When we come to that realization, we see that what we once perceived as “freedom” is not freedom at all, but merely a bastardization of the word. 

For how can you have freedom if there is no causality? A life without consequences isn't a life at all. It is a simulation where the appearance of choice is given but never truly allowed, and the outcomes all predetermined. 

 Ultimately, it is an affront to God as it is a perversion of his creation and his simple law of free will. 

Beauty, therefore, is also omnipresent. It is in every moment that this satanic elite attempt to further divide us and instill terror in us, as they are only allowing themselves to be more openly exposed for what they truly are. The eventuality of their demise is only hastened. 

There is a cathartic beauty in this. This group of beings (I cannot call them human) openly expose their own wickedness, and it will consume them in full view of the whole world.  There is no escape, and all of their hopes of immortality and omnipotence are washing away before their very eyes.  

It is in the midst of this maelstrom-- the intense breaking down of the old system while simultaneously rebuilding a country and culture-- that we currently find ourselves in.  We can view the events through a myopic perspective, which leads to an overwhelming sense of anxiety and uncertainty, or we can look further to the horizon and realize that this, too, shall pass. We will regain the ability to have real freedom over our lives, our communities and country.  

"Beauty will save the world." --Fyodor Dostoevsky