The Great Shattering

By Contributing Author Seamus O'Flannagan

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Enjoy this fantastic piece by Seamus O’Flannagan

What is becoming more and more apparent by the day is this: our country went past the point of no return as we know it somewhere in the Obama years. A group of patriots recognized that the elites were setting up the world for some götterdämmerung and decided to intervene. That intervention was not what we thought it was. It was a different way to approach this collapse. 

The collapse is inevitable-- the result of decades of imprudence and recklessness. What this group of like-minded patriots worldwide is accomplishing is a controlled demolition, if you will.  Instead of this all out collapse which would benefit the ruling despotic satanic elites, they are countering it with a different collapse of their own: devolution. 

At its heart, devolution allows the world populace to see the ruling elite for what they truly are. By removing the cloak of deceit that has benefited them for years, we are able to witness-- with perfect lucidity and in real time-- ALL of our major businesses and institutions actively working towards a post-human future.  By post-human, I mean a future where humanity is no longer free and propagating, but one where we are a slave caste to these demonic individuals. 

To think of these people as anything other than such is not just naive, but also sheer stupidity. In this great unmasking and the suffering we will go through, we would never again allow ourselves to be placed in a position whereby our God-given personal freedoms would be compromised. Devolution was the only way for us to come to some understanding of what has been done to us and allow us to unite against an entire system that benefits only a few.

We need to view this group as direct descendants of the elitist progressivism that shaped the world in the lead up to the Great War, which this group of people enabled and started. We are still living in the world of 1914, and any illusions that our current life is not still shaped and controlled by the same people are just simply wrong. We are in the midst of this great epic and cosmic battle between the forces of light, and those that want only darkness. 

One of our greatest failings as Americans is that we view the world through rose tinted glasses. We never experienced the Somme, or Verdun. 9/11 was seared into our brains, but it was one day.  It is our nation's response to that day that has become a slow moving national tragedy.

We should have viewed the war on terror as our own Passchendaele, as we blindly sacrificed the best this country had for people who could have cared less for it.  We must never allow the futility of these two decades in American history to be forgotten. For if we do, we open the door for these very people to once again destroy what we cherish most.

We have suffered too long under the yolk of these individuals who have grown so grotesque and arrogant that there are no longer any illusions as to what they are.  However, in this fatal error of hubris, it is they that have all to fear whereas we have nothing to fear. 

Their world is ending, ours is just beginning.

Seamus O’Flannagan