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This is post is very much a work in progress. I found something interesting that I wanted to share and allow you to dig into it. I will add to this post as more information is found.

We got news today that Trump is in the process of forming a Social Media Network:

The Company Trump Media & Technology Group is merging with is called Digital World Acquisition Corp. If you look them up and go to their website you’ll see their CEO listed. He is also the CEO of Yunhong International:

Here is the details from on Yunhong International, confirming Patrick Orlando as the CEO. Check out where Yunhong International is based out of.

The board members are interesting to look into as well.

Here is the website for Yunhong Holding.

I’m not trying to draw any definitive conclusions but wanted to get this out there for more people to dig into. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. I will add to this as I find more information.

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