Weekly Recap: 10/04/21 - 10/10/21

In addition to my new Devolution Daily series, each week will end with a “Weekly Recap.” The recap will be for all subscribers, both free and paid.

Devolution Series Installments:

10/6/21 Devolution - Part 12 - “Playbook” read by Patrick Gunnels on RET

10/6/21 Devolution - Part 12 - “Playbook” written article

10/6/21 Devolution - Part 12 - “Playbook” audio only

*Devolution Daily:

(Free) 10/08/21 Devolution Daily by Patel Patriot

10/09/21 Devolution Daily by Patel Patriot

*About Devolution Daily Newsletter: The Devolution Daily is the daily newsletter for paid subscribers. My idea for issuing Devolution Daily is to offer shorter, daily doses of commentary and off-the-cuff analysis on daily events in between installments of my Devolution series. My Devolution series will remain free to everybody.

The Devolution Daily will provide more speculation and some insight into my thought process surrounding some selected items of daily news. The first article above is free for everybody and can serve as an example of what the Devolution Daily would look like. You can get access to the Devolution Daily by upgrading your free subscription to either $10 per month or $75 per year using this link:

Devolution Power Hour:

10/05/21 - In this episode, I break down Trump's recent interview with John Solomon and discuss all the important statements Trump made that point to Devolution.

10/07/21 - In this episode I cover a few of Trumps recent statements and his most recent interview with Sean Hannity.

10/09/21 - In this episode of the Devolution Power Hour, I break down Trump's latest rally speech with some important clips. We go over upcoming indictments in the Durham Probe, and discuss a recent interview further pointing to the color revolution ran against Trump.


10/4/21 Interview with Sean Morgan "Patel Patriot: Devolution Command Structure & Mission Essential Functions"

10/7/21 Devolution 12 Discussion with Patrick Gunnels

10/8/21 Interview with Sean Morgan "The Science Of Color Revolution with Paul Furber and Patel Patriot"

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