A Gratitude of thanks , to Donald J Trump and to those implementing Devolution

.. And as ALWAYS much love to those Patriots fighting for Constitutional Freedom 🇺🇸 wwg1wga

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John, this is the creation of a history book. Your curiosity was a gift from God. I can't imagine how you are able to create this presentation like you're presenting in court and whatever money you're making, I hope it's tons and tons, is deserved. You are definitely 4D level historian.

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I feel there's a best seller coming to Amazon in the years ahead (i.e. Devolution by Patel Patriot). I watched American Media Periscope with you, Praying Medic and host Sean Morgan - it was fantastic! You have worked diligently on your devolution series while many followed Q posts that essentially pioneered great media podcast shows (e.g. X22 Report, AWK et al). When you put the two together, Q posts and Devolution, you have what I believe is absolute proof a plan was put in place. Q posts, it seems, started the social media ball rolling up patriots and innocent bystanders. Today, Rumble and others, have an abundance of podcasts and presenters representing the Awakening and informing others of the real truth as "We Are The News" (i.e. The Salty Dog deserves worthy honorable mention). I'll end this by saying the Cabal/Deep State is trapped and has started down the path of self-destruction, and our Maestro will know when to play the Trump card. Thank you for a great series!

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Apr 6, 2022·edited Apr 6, 2022

Your series essentially concludes that some sort of devolved government is in effect. The question though is: to what end? It's not enough to say what your entire series documents: devolution has a lot of past actions to back up that it's real. You've done that. The real issue is what did it mean? Let's accept that we actually have no real president - Trump or byeden. OK. But if Trump isn't actually president because he devolved (quit) his job, then his "return" has very few options. The vast majority of the nation isn't steeped in the 2020 aftermath and fallout. They - normies - watched Trump "leave" on January 20, 2021. They watch him now refer to byeden's "administration". This matters greatly because Trump himself - by calling it a byeden "administration" - is sanctioning the legitimacy of "byeden" as president, de facto. So any Trump "return" has to solve the problem of these optics. He cannot publicly claim byeden's administration is in fact an "administration" while simultaneously claiming he was and is still president of the US, and simply walk back into his old job and pick it up as though business-as-usual is in place. Which brings us to the method: how is it Trump could return, if in fact he can return?

We do know courts - federal, state and municipal - have reversed fraudulent elections, or prevented fraudulent counts to continue once in progress. A Trump court case would do more to wake up the normies to follow it to its conclusion. Since Trump has claimed massive fraud took place - and has it cold in terms of proof - then he would most benefit from proving his case in court. That not only gives legitimacy if he proves his case, but makes the anatomy of the fraud open for public viewing once the case becomes a matter of record. Since the fraud occurred in multiple states, it's possible Trump could make a filing directly to the SCOTUS. He can only introduce evidence at the point of original jurisdiction. So only if the SC is that venue can Trump present evidence to them. It's unlikely for him to file in any lower federal court because the case and the appeals process would take much, much longer. Only a SCOTUS ruling on the matter will settle it for normies in final terms. The SC's term ends in June and will not reconvene until October. So that pathway is time limited if Trump plans to return this year. I'd argue he won't return this year simply because the current congressional make up ensures the Democrat-majority House will impeach him again, and this time around "Old Crow McConnell" will force his troops to side with every Senate Democrat and convict him. Such are the ups and downs of "separate but equal". Any Trump devolved COG applies only to the Executive branch. The only other return option is if the military has to become involved in essentially taking over the US - which is a lot more dangerous. Given that Durham is not only circling the HRC 2016 campaign, he's also got - by definition - the whole of the Obama administration in his crosshairs too, since it was HIS government that enabled the HRC campaign to do all the spying on Trump. And we aren't even at the notorious laptop yet. Who knows who and what is implicated on there? Food shortages looming. Inflation rising. Southern border invasion. Anything could prompt them. That said, if the military had to take over - there would be no more congress and no more courts. They would have to setup new elections for every state. That path carries a lot of risks.

Your series does however beg a host interesting questions, not the least of which is this one: if Trump spent years preparing for the steal via all these executive orders and whatever PEADs he set up to devolve - then why did he shove Pence out into the spotlight as the lone guy who could have stopped the need for all this preparation? Trump was pushing Pence publicly as someone who had the authority on January 6 to send back the dual slates of electors to those 5 states and ask them to return only one slate each to Congress. Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis actually said that out loud: this was the Trump legal team plan as to why they went to testify to each legislature. But the question is the same: why is Trump leaving Pence dangling at all, forcing him to defend his decision NOT to do what Trump's legal team asked him to do if Trump already had the devolvement in place? If devolution was years in the making - and your series is all about proving that - then it makes no sense to push Pence out onto the plank as they did. Unless......pushing him out there is exactly what Trump wanted to do: make Pence have to betray MAGA supporters. As far as Trump supporters go, the vast majority of them look at Pence as a traitor having certified the fraud (which is a delicate position for him if he knew the extent of the fraud and certified it anyway). Given Trump has now officially kicked Pence to the curb - publicly stating any Trump return will not include him - maybe it was yet another 5D chess move of Trump getting rid of him the most effective way he could have done. Pence has no future now in politics despite setting up his office for a 2024 POTUS run. GOP voters will look at him as someone who certified a fraudulent election. That would be in keeping with Trump's growing list of masterstrokes.

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