Devolution - Addendum Series - Part 1

Where is Trump?

Thank you to Pepele Cue from the Spitballers telegram for your help sparking part of the answer to the question below.

Special thanks to my editor in chief A.C. Harmony for keeping me on track.

Since I am leaving town tomorrow, Devolution Part - 9 will not be released until sometime next week.

An addendum is defined as: “an item of additional material, typically omissions, added at the end of a book or other publication.”

This addendum series will be just that; additional material that I believe will add context, evidence, or anything that might strengthen the theory or attempt to resolve unanswered questions.

The Devolution - Addendum Series - Part 1, was inspired by a question from a member of the Spitballers Telegram channel.

I see questions like this often, and it’s a great one that needs a definitive answer. I’ll do my best to provide one here.

Trump knew long before he announced his run for office that winning the 2016 Presidency was a monumental task. He wasn’t going up against just one opponent from the opposite political party. He was going up against the entire political establishment. His victory in 2016 embarrassed them.

This embarrassment fueled them to do anything and everything they could to remove Trump from office. Trump’s Presidency was a threat to the political establishment’s very own existence. He was an outsider who didn’t play by the rules.

Trump’s entire first term as President was marred with challenges. From corrupt politicians and government agencies to the media and big tech; everybody was against Trump. They lied about everything Trump did and obstructed at every opportunity possible. There was the Charleston white supremacy lie, Spygate, Ukraine Impeachment, Covid and the election just to name a few! They threw everything they had at him, and yet, he had one of the greatest Presidency’s of all time.

Imagine if he didn’t have to face such obstruction. Think of what he could do for our country. Think of what he could do for the world. The greatest President of all time, unleashed with an “America First” agenda. It’s the America he spoke of in his first State of the Union address in 2017.

[Intro of the 2017 SOTU address]

[Closing of the 2017 SOTU address]

He told us himself that the time for small thinking is over. Trump’s goal from day one has been to save America from the political establishment. He knew they would attempt to steal the election and I believe my Devolution series presents a strong case showing that, and now he has set the table to eradicate the political establishment altogether.

The Devolution operation to save our country has always been two-fold. First, there is the side that I fully believe Trump and the military has already taken care of. This is the side I try to piece together through my articles. They have captured the election theft evidence and are ready to make their move. They are waiting for the second part.

WE are that second part.

In order for us to do our part, we needed to see for ourselves exactly what the political establishment looks like.

Right now, it appears as if America has lost everything, and what has that done? It’s showing us who isn’t loyal. We’re seeing that our elected government, government agencies, our media and big tech are not loyal to America. Many of us have already known this, but this isn’t about just us. This is about America as a whole. Trump is trying to show everybody that the political establishment has completely sold us out.

In order for America to unite and move forward to something truly great, we need to rid ourselves of those driving us apart. The only way to show everybody was to lose everything and allow the evil to expose itself.

Think about everything that has happened since Biden has become the “president” and think of the effect it has had on us citizens. I personally can think of more than a dozen people who were either anti-Trump or not political at all, who now really wish Trump was back in office, and I live in a very conservative state. This scenario is playing out everywhere.

The mainstream media, who Trump lovingly and accurately refers to as the enemy of the people, is completely imploding because they cannot stop lying to us. They’re viewership numbers are tanking and America’s trust in the mainstream media is at an all time low. People don’t enjoy being lied to all day and Biden’s “presidency” has been exposed as the biggest lie of them all. The media promised us the best president of all time claiming, “Biden got the most votes in history”. Then Biden took office and after 17 executive orders on his first day, the media’s pipe dream became our nightmare.

The government has America on a fast track to destruction. They have lost all credibility. Ironically what they used as a pretext to steal the election (Covid) is part of their problem. Their tyranny over this virus has turned a large portion of the nation against them, but Covid isn’t their only failure. They fail with every single thing they touch I’m not just talking about our national government.

America is being “red-pilled” one person at a time and Trump doesn’t have to do anything because the political establishment is doing a better job at “red-pilling” than he ever could.

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“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment, with a new government controlled by you, the American people.” In order for Devolution to work, we need to take back control of our government from the ground up. If Trump makes his reveal before the cancer has been fully exposed, we risk not removing all of it.

This corruption goes all the way down to the state and local levels. From Governors and mayors all the way down to our local school boards. Trump’s delay in making the reveal is exposing the rot down to our nations core in our local communities and it has inspired us to take things back into our own hands. We’re finally starting to do everything within our legal power, to take back our government back from the political establishment. We are finally taking a stand and getting involved within our communities as we should have been all along.

It hasn’t been easy with him out of office but we need to think bigger. The entire country needs to see the big picture for Trump to have total victory. The political establishment represents the biggest threat to our founders vision for America and Trump knew that from day 1. He ran for President to defeat them. He told us himself on October 30th, 2020, via the Trump White house website that he already beat them.

This is a war of good vs evil and Trump needs to rid us of the evil that has sold out America for personal gain. That is exactly who the political establishment is. All that remains is for “we the people” to expose the fraud once and for all and put the final nail in their coffins. No more “theories”, no more circumstantial evidence, but the hardcore proof that the 2020 election was stolen and that we no longer have control of our government.

The Arizona audit is “we the people’s” final act. It will be the biggest Red Pill anybody could ever ask for and herein lies the reason why Trump hasn’t come forward yet. By walking away and waiting, millions of American’s have been awoken and inspired to take action. Once the Arizona audit shows the world a monumental victory for Trump and that the election was stolen from the American people, Devolution becomes reality. I believe the Arizona audit is the “Go” Signal. He has done his part, now he waits for us to finish ours.

Trump told us in his final campaign ad from 2016 that “The only force strong enough to save our country is us”, and he meant every word.

The best is yet to come

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