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Thank you Patel Patriot.

This draft order is the declaration of war. It is, of course, not a declaration of actions, although it defines the scope and limits of those actions for the public.

It establishes in sufficient detail the legitimate predicate - the basis for joining conflict - and has now been entered into the public record, in the only way it could have been. It has been revealed 'under protest', and by the actions of his opponents themselves.

It therefore (a) carries their imprimatur, and (b) will be read by the widest possible audience.

I believe this is perhaps the only way that military action within the homeland could have been legitimately initiated without destabilising the constitutional arrangements after that action is completed. Its formal power has been given to it by Trump's (and our) opponents - that it is a draft document is irrelevant.

It is an elegant way to 'park' the Constitution rather than destroying it.

(cf Lincoln / Civil War in some respects.)

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Very well written and interesting thoughts regarding Trump's recent "loss". If true you would have to wonder what other interesting documents Trump might intentionally include and what their impact could be.

Still wondering about Chris Miller's emotional thank you and reference to "complex military operations" to Pence.

Good stuff and logically very sound, PP.

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Amazing, the best is yet to come!!

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A couple of things that make me really believe that we do have it all, "we" being the law and order side. There was an explosion in Nashville we have not had any follow up on, as well as the FBI invading that office in Germany, and the discovery of the Leonardo satellite out of Italy that was said to be manipulating the actual machines and the vote counts.

The explosion in Nashville as well as the FBI raid in Germany is what I am more interested in. That would in my mind conclude that the bad guys behind the stolen 2020 election were destroying all hard evidence of the interference with the ballots through the internet connected Dominion voting machines. Therefore this whole January 6 committee is using our own DOD and FBI to try to seek out what Trumps team is holding. I find it all so interesting that these events all got brushed under the rug.

Now you also have the WAG THE DOG situation in Ukraine while it mirrors how we are ignoring our own massive invasion on our Southern Border, like salt in a wound if you will. In addition we have a heightened attack on our police officers around the nation thus pushing the anti gun movement. While all this is happening there is the counter culture Left of Bill Mahr crushing all of it including the push for getting guns as old rhetoric and then pointing out that we as Americans own more guns than there are citizens.

Sorry for the ramble but again confirming your theory of Devolution. The question is as we get closer to the end how will we all be safe from the chaos? And is there any sign that we are close?

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It’s also important to mention the executive order regarding abusing animals. The Beagle story did not die in vain. It was just brought back to light with the escaped lab monkeys.

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Stillness In The Storm (https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2022/01/why-was-trumps-eo-about-federal-cybersecurity-and-critical-infrastructure-deleted-2/) is reporting the removal of EO 13800 “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure” from the WH site.

There is still an article from June 1st 2018 marking the one-year anniversary of the EO, but with no active link back to the EO itself: https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/articles/strengthening-the-cybersecurity-of-federal-networks-and-critical-infrastructure/

The original Order remains viewable here: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2017/05/16/2017-10004/strengthening-the-cybersecurity-of-federal-networks-and-critical-infrastructure

How would this be significant? Is this part of a normal archiving procedure?

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Amazing! That commenter Bronze psycho dude probably won't sleep for days.

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This is a question that may or may not anything remotely related to Devolution. I have been listening to references to the Law Of War 11.3. Is there any connection? I am not arguing either way just curious about what I am hearing about 11.3. Thanks.

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