I just had a thought:

One of the catchphrases of 17 was -

'They never thought she would lose'.

How about, for 2020 -


Did they put Biden in because they could plausibly (so plausibly!) LOSE?

Did they want Trump to start, or at least run up to, a second term?

Were they preparing to remove him, say via the 25th or maybe by some other induced incapacitation (terminal or otherwise), so that COG would move in and make 'other arrangements'?

Did DJT put a spike in their plans by MAKING JOE WIN? Did he put them in a situation they were completely unprepared for, with a President that no-one could wish for in their worst nightmares?

Did DJT set them up to destroy themselves in a debacle so complete that the entire gang/cabal/DS could never recover from the ignominy and shame? One that would earn the disgust not only of their enemies, but their own supporters and collaborators too?

Is this what we're seeing play out right now? Did they never think HE would lose? Who exactly fixed the election this time? Would anyone dream that their opponent would put THEM in power?

Just a thought..

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After following DJT for many years and reading everything written by him and about him, I conclude that not many, if any, really know how "Trump" thinks!

Wilbur Ross often said : "Underestimate Donald J. Trump at your own peril".

I believe we are witnessing that everyday since he walked down that escalator in 2015.

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Thank you for such a detailed, lengthy and timely analysis. How you managed to produce this within such a short time of the news about Durham's indictment of Sussmann is beyond me - its specific value as an immediate response is enormous, as it pre-empts some media efforts to misinterpret events for its consumers. More importantly, it reduces those media in terms of a credible force for its DS controllers. If they instruct their public actors to go further down the rabbit-hole of summary denial, they now know that this is only going to rebound on them and draw more of their own political actors into the net.

I think your article acts as a force-multiplier for Durham, broadening the theatre considerably and providing support in advance for further indictments, giving them credible connection and dictating a threat-landscape for our opponents to digest.

Thank you very much.

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Thank you! Such brilliant work. So very well done! This shows us exactly how Durham could connect Spygate to the theft of the 2020 election. This is paramount to make Spygate relevant again and leads me to believe that the timing of Durham's first indictment, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors caving, and the results of Maricopa are not a coincidence.

If I may, I think I understand the whole Milley thing. If the end goal is to ensure our country unites, it is easy to see the role of Milley. For four years Trump and the military have been very aligned. This was frightening to the regular people on the Left. Milley's job is to help the Left embrace the military. To shift the narrative toward the military protecting the people against Trump. This is paramount if they are going to step in after the decertification of the election. I think the military will also deny Trump the immediate seat as President, which will also help those on the left remain calm as their trusted leaders are one-by-one indicted. Trump, for the sake of the unity of the country cannot return until enough indictments and military tribunals have occurred that those who have resisted the truth finally see it. So, Milley is playing the role needed to ensure there is no civil war or civil unrest as the truth is revealed to the entire public. Milley = White Hat.

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Thank you for actually thinking about all of this!

It is a sign of great hope for me now, that people seem to be finally getting over their 'stuck' confusion at living in a hall of mirrors. Part of the aim of our opponents is to confound all reasoning by inundating us with mis-attribution (eg false flags), mis-interpretation (through the captured media), and the pimping of the fantastical (with much of the alt-media). I think this is intended to wear down our ability to reason, and sever our connection with our own principles - and ultimately turn us into fatigued, helpless victims of some as-yet-unrevealed super-narrative that will make spurious sense of 'everything' and implement their final control over us.

So whether or not you are right about Milley, simply having the energy to embrace possibilities and run with them, is incredibly important. We can run rings round their lumbering dinosaurial 'minds', we can outlast and outwit anything they can throw at us, and we'll carry the day yet!

Thank you.

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Unsure where to put this comment - I don't do Telegram any more, and I'm in the UK so don't comment in live feeds on Twitch.

Catching up on your latest Power Hour, I was thinking about the continuing debate about 'when will Devolution be triggered'.

I think the signs are that it was ALREADY triggered and is now completely active. I think the signs of chaos within the Administration are a sure sign that they are at war with a fully-devolved CoG. Moreover, they are panicking and thrashing around precisely because Devolution has remained concealed and is pulling levers both domestically and around the globe, with previously set up partnerships.

I believe that, if things go according to plan, we will never become directly aware that CoG was ever in force - all we will see is that things eventually, and plausibly, go our way. I think it is a vital principle of that plan, that discontinuity of the Republic through overt military rule is avoided if at all possible. The Republic must be seen to have cured itself - this is vital, even if the way it actually happened is very different from what most people will ever see..

Either way, Trump has an air of certainty about him now, and this speaks of his being anything but an isolated loser. He has been very careful indeed to skate around any suggestion of CoG, and is working very hard to create a vision of a victory of the people, by the people, that will restore their/our confidence in their own ability to heal the nation and root out the corrupted and treacherous that have for so long exploited a nation for their own ends.

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Thank you so much for this! You are always so on point it makes me wonder are you in contact with Kash Patel and is he telling you these things. Thank you for what you were doing. You give hope that America will be saved. God bless you 🙏✝️🇺🇸

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I think the above image says it all.


Q: Are We Not Men?

A: We Are Devo!

The answer to "Q" is: We Are Devo!

Automatic meme :)

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[Ref: public optics: ‘retired’’left’ refers to ‘fired/forced’]


James Comey, Director – FIRED

Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director - FIRED

Jim Rybicki, Chief of Staff and Senior Counselor – FIRED

James Baker, General Counsel – FIRED

Bill Priestap, Director of Counterintelligence (Strzok’s boss) – FIRED

Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence – FIRED

Lisa Page, Office of General Counsel – FIRED

Mike Kortan, Assistant Director for Public Affairs – FIRED

Josh Campbell, Special Assistant to Comey – FIRED

Michael Steinbach - Head of NAT SEC Div - FIRED

John Glacalone – (Predecessor to Steinbach) – Head of NAT SEC Div - FIRED

James Turgal – Assistant Director - FIRED

Greg Bower – Top Congressional Liaison - FIRED

Trisha Anderson – Principle Deputy General Counsel - FIRED

Randy Coleman - Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Div – REMOVED


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I totally forgot about the Solar Winds hack and now in retrospect I believe this is critical based on your work, showing the inter-relationships between Crowdstrike, Dominion, and EI-ISAC ! This could be what Mike Lindell talked about regarding PCAP data and the use of government systems to commit election fraud. I was also puzzled by Pompeo have a different view on Russia versus China hack but then again this may be for show, to throw them off.

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Where's part 10?

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Thanks. It's not listed in the archives but I found it at the beginning of his newsletter. I'm finally caught up. Whew! So much information it boggles the mind.

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