I personally believe OWS has only to do with Trump’s vaccine and when he dotes upon the development of the vaccine he is not referring to the Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca etc, but this Walter Reed development. I am now convinced he was blowing smoke indirectly complementing the Pharma giants. Now let’s see if the Pfizer money from the US taxpayer is returned in recompense for their incompetence and adverse reactions globally. I still have many questions but feel the good vibes and changing tides.

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Dec 28, 2021·edited Dec 28, 2021

That's not even possible... the Walter Reed development was just discussed this week. Trump has been pumping up taking the jabs for months. Seriously, if Trump is playing stupid legalistic word games over which specific "vaccine" that he is referring to? I will think even less of him. We voted for a straight talker. Not a lawyer.

The mental gymnastics that people will perform to try to excuse the inexcusable are really amazing. Occam's Razor says that Trump believes fully that the poison death shots are a good thing. That's the simplest explanation.

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Do you consider yourself a Patriot or a shill? This is all speculation and opinion as are the opinions of Patel Patriot. The Devolution concept to me has plausible legs and how much was Trump, history will perhaps notate. It is unfortunate that you are on here and attempting to destroy Trump because you feel slighted about how the optics look to you. Fine... but until people post with their true identities, to me you are just bitching to bitch and rattling sabers for divisiveness. It is OK to disagree, but as I read through the thread, it seems like you insist on calling everyone out on Trump's optics..? Am I wrong? Are you mad? Or are you sitting behind computer in Pakistan, paid to rustle everyone's Jimmy's on a chat board which you probably only donated the minimum to? All valid questions which you will never answer.

I do feel you need a hug though.

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The Walter Reed was discussed this week. But they said they had been working on a vax for the general virus for years. Read the article.

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Jan 8, 2022·edited Jan 8, 2022

What's your point? I read the article. "Get your shot" "Totally safe" "I am the father of the vaccine". I don't care how long they have worked on them. Trump claims credit for Big Pharma's vaccines and encourages people to take them. That's the point.


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Dec 27, 2021·edited Jan 16, 2022

If a person puts poison into glasses of water, and he tells thousands of thirsty people to go ahead and drink it because it is "saving lives" and is "totally safe", and those people drink it and then give that poison water to others including 5 year old children, and many get sick and/or die ...

What is that called exactly?

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Your analogy is faulty. Trump did not put poison into a glass; those in charge of the health system did. They lied about it to him and to us and presented false evidence to prove it. Millions believed them.

If he is guilty of poisoning, then every single person who put their trust in the health care system is also guilty, and are murderers before knowing facts that were deliberately hidden.

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Jan 22, 2022·edited Jan 22, 2022

If you believe the words of the "father of the vaccine" his pride and joy, Warp Speed program absolutely put poison into the glasses. You can play word games if you like. I will take Trump at his word. I absolutely hold the medical establishment accountable for murder. The difference between us is that I am willing to hold Trump accountable too. You can argue as to why he did it. But according to his own words, he did it.

---“I think if we didn’t come up during the Trump administration with the vaccine, you could have 100 million people dead, just like you had in 1917,” Trump said in an interview on Fox News that aired Saturday night.

“You take the Spanish Flu, 100 million people, up to 100 million people, died. I think we’d be in that territory.”


Trump’s administration purchased 200 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine and 200 million doses of the Moderna shot.

“The vaccines turn out to be a tremendous thing,” he said in the interview with Dan Bongino. “It’s something I’m very proud of.”

---Trump's stirring vaccine defense: Ex-president says most Americans dying or hospitalized because of COVID are unvaccinated and encourages everyone to get the shot as Omicron fuels 38% spike in daily cases

Donald Trump was at odds with conservative Daily Wire host Candace Owens as he urged Americans to get vaccinated

'If you take the vaccine, you're protected,' he argued. 'People aren't dying when they take the vaccine'

This is one of the issues where the ex-president is at odds with much of his base

Trump said over the weekend that he has received his booster COVID jab

President Joe Biden on Tuesday afternoon thanked 'the prior administration and our scientific community' for their work in making a vaccine available so quickly

Trump told Fox shortly after he was 'very appreciative' and 'surprised to hear it'

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Dec 27, 2021·edited Dec 27, 2021

>>>Trump and his team have installed Judas Goats among the enemy

The problem with this analogy is that Judas was the betrayer of the Lord Jesus. A true Judas goat leads his own to the slaughter. Judas betrayed the ones who loved him, his own people, not enemies.

I think the analogy of the Judas Goat could be horribly, terribly accurate. Just not in the way that you used it.

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I think I figured out why Trump has come out so consistently in favour of the vaxx's. And I think I know why he's chosen now to double-down on this.

He is removing himself from the firing line as far as the organised move to oust the coup - not because he is compromised, or a deeply hidden part of the coup itself, or because he has for some reason thrown in the towel. He is removing the operational trail that leads back to himself as the C-in-C of what has been in covert preparation for some time. And his latest statements are telling me that the counter-coup is about to go into full activation.

If he is seen as being responsible for this in a command sense, he becomes tainted for political office, regardless of its justifiability. Half the country would see his re-assumption of the presidency as fruit of the poison tree, and/or could easily be led into the very insurrection that was to be avoided. To retain the probability of national unity he absolutely must avoid this.

If I'm right about this, we are about to see an across-the-board collapse of the current administration, and some kind of extraordinary measures taken by consensus, including the media, to correct the situation. The root cause of this situation will not be apparent, but its reality and urgency will.

If I am wrong, I apologise - it's just a theory. I'm trying to make rational sense of something that has been a rumbling discontent among Trump's supporters throughout this year, but which has now been deliberately spiked (no pun) into an acute problem across most of his own constituency, but which has also - and for the first time - become highly visible to the rest of the country's population.

I think it's a well-prepared deception, necessarily coming to fruition just before the balloon goes up. Almost everyone has chosen their side on the vaxx issue now; no-one's mind will be changed by what Trump is saying. The decks are being swept before the guns are rolled out - if I'm right.

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Dec 29, 2021·edited Dec 29, 2021

Great analysis and I appreciate the level and balanced reason. Appreciate you taking the time to write this. Many of us are still just confounded by the cognitive dissonance of the Pro America guy we voted for constantly marketing these injections that are killing and injuring people. Your points makes a lot of sense and you have many of the same concerns and questions that I do. I hope that there will come a day when President Trump gets chance to explain it. Until then I plan to question everything.

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Dec 29, 2021·edited Dec 29, 2021

Thank you! I must apologise to you - I had you down differently when you replied to a previous comment I made, and I was wrong. Let me just emphasise that I am still in two minds about all this - there are more than two possibilities about what is happening atm, and most of them are dark, in one way or another..

I don't often view The Duran channel - they are almost wholly uncritical of Putin and Xi in their attitudes - however, their latest piece (here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31hG3XEt1xc) is a very interesting analysis of just how far the Biden administration has sunk in the eyes of governments across the world, and if Americans are in despair over how long this farrago can go on, it may give some real hope that the answer is, 'not much longer'.

Of course, the question is, what will take its place?

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Blown away again! I thought your writing was sort of 'poetic justice' and a roadmap for the madness of the last two years but I'll admit SLAG's Wartime Presidency is equally impressive and has exceptional insight (especially in the comments section under Part II about the Biden-BoJo interview: Biden's body double Arthur Roberts explains a lot). I was looking for an year-end announcement that would be "Trumpian" and the DoD Army's vaccine fits the bill. We'll get confirmation when you see 'insiders' dumping stocks of MRNA, JNJ and PFE. One last comment; "we are the news" is a recurring theme from q posts and anyone see that Big Tech and the cabal is mobilizing their trolls in all our sites (here, Gab, Telegram, etc.) - because we're winning!

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Incredible analysis and detail. You will certainly be offered a well-deserved high-level advisor position to Trump when this mess is over.

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Nice work Patriot.

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Thank You Patel. Great work 🙏

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I get it now! Operation Warp Speed(OWS) has nothing to do with the death shots that are out now. The real OWS is the development of the vaccine that will protect us from all of the viruses the NWO has in store for us! No wonder he has constantly praised OWS!

Just like you said... OWS is the DOD & HHS which is NOT a part of the Death Shots out now! The real OWS is to protect us from ALL from the bio weapon viruses that they NWO will release and to protect us from The Death Shots too!

THANK YOU SO MUCH PATEL! President Trump's Christmas gift to us was the announcement of the real OWS and the final "Nail in the coffin" for the NWO! Trump has delivered his Death Blow to these Demons & they now know it's ALL OVER! It does not matter what they release or if the death shots keep being put in people's arms because Trump announced the CURE for it all! God bless us all and God bless President Trump! 🙏🇺🇸✝️

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Dec 28, 2021·edited Dec 28, 2021

No. Trump supported and continues to support the CURRENT vaccines 100%. He was not talking about DoD anything. Those have not even been released yet. He was talking about Pfizer, Moderna, J and J, and Astrazeneca. I knew that the forever Trumpers would try to pretend it away, but this is just sad.



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One other observation: the link to Clif High and his theory of Trump's communication(s) on the vaccine, I couldn't agree more! People have to listen very carefully to what PDJT says and his expressions while speaking, even off the cuff remarks.

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I have just finished "In Trump Time" by Peter Navarro; very interesting, informative read.

I highly recommend it because this book adds to Patel's Devolution Series.

What is very interesting is that Navarro's detail of history, prior to PDJT in 2016, as it relates to China, Wuhan Lab, Dr. Fauci, Robert O'Brien, Mike Pompeo, VP Pence, Marc Short and others that are brought up during the Devolution Series seem to align with the research of Patel Patriot and others like Just Human, Brian Cates, Slag and others that I follow.

Keep in mind that Peter Navarro was with PDJT prior to his run in 2015 and is one of the few who has stayed with him during his four years and after.

Finally, he discusses that there was a "comprehensive investigation conducted by a fraud specialist, Berkeley Research Group", that there were "blockbuster results" from this investigation but "Kushner and Company"withheld it, paying" more than a half million dollars on behalf of the Trump Campaign". He does go into the fraud and the steal in great detail, which adds to the evidence that is coming out now.

So, as I read books such as this and continue to follow great researchers, patriot journalists; Devolution is real and President Trump definitely has a plan which he is acting on daily.

Thanks to Patel Patriot, so much evidence is coming out now from many sources and in different ways, proving that The Best is Yet to Come!

HT Patel Patriot!

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>>>I posted a few polls to my telegram channel and we are able to come to some logical >>>conclusions based on the data gathered:

You posted a closed, subscriber only poll to a Telegram channel full of hard core Trump supporters and call the results of the poll "data". I really worry that "my side" has become nothing more than a mirror image of the Left.

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Why don't you just go to Times Square and jump up and down naked. I'm sure you'll get all the attention you seek.

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God bless you!

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Trump took the only way possible to avoid serious civil unrest in a lot of cities. Maybe even semi-civil war. Just look at the initial reaction we saw after Jan 6th. Now we all know (or most of us do) that the whole event was orchestrated by our own government as more and more facts come out. But think if Trump had held fast and brought in the military and tried to reveal the fraud. The ramifications, driven by the establishment and their cohorts in the world wide media would make that Jan 6th event look like romper room play. This is what the deep state or whatever you want to refer to these people orchestrating all this crap had in mind. Almost the entire establishment was against him, coupled with the media who again I maintain, had an insurmountable advantage still at that time (now 13 months later that edifice has ruptured as everyone is now awakening to the deceit). He was removed from Twitter, his main vehicle to reach the masses. If he had done an Oval Office address to the nation with the election fraud there is no way in hell a majority of people would have believed him. Even if he had all the analysts on TV with him. Only now have the latest polls showed well over 50 percent now believe that the election was fraudulent. The pendulum has swung now to the public at large accepting whatever evidence is eventually revealed. Back then it was probably less than 10 percent. The establishment would have physically removed him from office causing a national crisis worse than what we have been going through.

And let’s say he did prevail. Most of the people involved in this steal would not be caught. Do people realize how vast this whole thing is? We are talking about thousands of people involved to pull this steal off. The same lame congress would then begin impeachment number 3, 3, 5 etc. it would have left most of the culprits in place.

I agree with the last commentary. The guy worked his butt off for America in every way possible despite stiff opposition that would have had most presidents cave. He followed through and fought hard for every policy he published when he ran and never deviated. Yes he made some mistakes in appointments - every president does. I too scratched my head on some of them. But he also got some right - like his economic advisors and others. I’m sure he would have liked to redo some of the poor appointments he made but that’s in the past. He did the best he could based on people he felt he could trust in judgements. Sure, I don’t like the spending binges either. But he did the best he could with a massive lying media and corrupt congress facing him. It’s damn near mind blowing what he did in four years with the opposition he faced. Hell he still lives in their heads - they can’t concentrate on anything worthy for the nation. This is not how victorious winners act. This is how scared people act when they suspect they were all caught.

The vaccine is not a death shot. I know many friends who have had it and had zero complications. It was their choice to have it. It seems the endless fear mongering (again by the media) are driving many to get the boosters. It’s truly amazing to see this all happen over Omicron when he from what I have read is a pimple on an elephants ass compared to the original virus. Those booster shots I do believe as they “mount” up could be driving many of the complications. The vaccine was again issued on an emergency basis. It most likely had some short term protection. If you add up the reported numbers of complications vs several hundred million vaccinations - the complications are infinitesimal. Also those parents who had their babies or kids vaxxed, that’s on them. The younger ages did not need any vaccination. These are decisions made out of emotions and fear - not critical thinking or research for facts. Again if we had an honest news media and health officials none of this would have happened. We would not even have needed some emergency vaccine.

But we have this entire media fear mongering driving panic still. People have to sometimes wake up on their own. You can’t convince them even with data and facts when it comes to fear of illness or death.

Same would have happened with Trump standing his ground. I’m sure if I were him I would have wanted to stand up and reveal it all. But removing the emotions of the moment and critically thinking it through (as every action generates a reaction) I would have come to the same conclusion. And frankly none of us know exactly what steps he did take behind the scenes. We may never know.

We also know the CDC revised the numbers of deaths directly attributable to the virus way down. They finally came somewhat clean on this. It’s no where near “hundreds of thousands”. Once the new testing method is in place in another month it will tell the flu or cold from the virus variant. The numbers will plummet further.

I see no other conceivable way for Trump to have stood up to all this and the country emerged intact. No way.

In conclusion, I do believe Patel Patriot has connected a lot of “dots” and it makes sense. The devolution if it is in place is so highly compartmentalized that the majority of the military is not involved or knows of it.

I’m sorry but I cannot just point the finger at Donald Trump. He’s not perfect but frankly what he accomplished in four years turned the country around. Sometimes we have to let things happen and play out. Legally. Otherwise we are just like the corrupt people we now see running this circus. It’s frustrating I know. We are all angry over all this. But we have to step back, take a deep breath, have some faith and let this entire thing play out. Frankly I see the good winning more and more each day.

Again, if anyone wants to point the finger somewhere it should start with the mainstream media. If they were truly honest all this would have ended on DAY 1.

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I cannot say Amen enough times to this comment JJN. The wall of opposition was just too high, and the awareness of the public was far too shallow. The multiple threats facing the U.S. needed to be experienced, felt, and understood before significant action could even be attempted. He has done a huge amount of good for the republic being out of office for awhile. Like everyone else I hated the loss but It has shocked everyone into reality like nothing else could have done and I now see the genius in it.

When this all shakes out, I am convinced we will see God's fingerprints all over it.

May I plagiarize some of what you have said here to quote on social media?

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Jan 20, 2022·edited Jan 20, 2022

Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation. Psalm 118:9

Avoided civil unrest? Did you see our cities get burned to the ground during the entire summer of 2020? And how is avoiding using the military for their appropriate job while simultaneously pushing shots that kill babies a winning strategy?

Also getting tired of the repeated " Trump took the only way possible" "Trump did what he could" "Trump is not to blame" "Trump tried REAL HARD" excuse making. Give me a break. You have no idea what Trump thought, what his options were or what he did or didn't do other than what the media heads told you. None of us know the whole story.

I do know this though. Failing to hold politicians accountable for their failures is what got us where we are. Americans are so desperate for a "hero" they will believe ANYTHING and follow ANYONE. Kari Lake is another perfect example. Total fake, Obama Democrat, but thousands of Trump supporters began immediately worshipping her on command at the rally. Because she's cute.


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Why don't you start your own sub stack and see who subscribes. LOL

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No one will. Because I won't say what they want to hear.

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LOL what'a PATHETIC EXCUSE!! In one sentence you just showed what an ass you are, so you come here to pollute others with your nastiness. You can disagree with what's being said by all means, but the way you spew your own personal unhappiness commenting on nearly every single comment screams what an angry miserable prick you are who sits on his fat ass or maybe your a broad, since you act like one, and plays arm chair quarterback contributing NOTHING to the solution. If you have SO MUCH to say, start your own sub stack and see who subscribes. It shouldn't matter if anyone wants to listen. You have no balls to put yourself out there. Laughing at every comment you make.

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Cry harder.

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I'm not crying. We are all laughing AT YOU. You have argument so you deflect any intelligent reason as to why you don't create your own sub stack. AND YOU PAY FOR PATEL!! So if you disagree so much, why are you paying to read it? LOL You're just a pathetic excuse for no balls.

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Can you wrap your head around that some shots are saline and some are the poison? For you to say that it's not a death shot is beyond wrong. People are dying every day from it.

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I finally have had a chance to reply. Your response seems driven from emotion and not the facts. Dig the facts out, find them, show us all that these are death shots. I have done my own research and so far, from what I have found, they are not death shots. NO medicine treatment is 100% perfect. Out of the hundreds of millions of this vaccine or the boosters given in the USA and the billions worldwide so far, the incidences or VAERS as they refer to them, are miniscule as a percentage.

Look, you will find no one more MAGA than me. I also had this outlook on them to begin with. But then I did some of my own research to find out what could be the rate of deaths from the shots. What I found convinced me that the deaths from this vaccine, a vaccine taken probably more times than any other vaccine in a single year worldwide (which now doubles or triples the normal rates of side affects), which again, was approved on an emergency basis only, are minuscule. Now do I think the vaccine is effective? No, clearly not after seeing this the past 12 months. It has limited effect for a short time period. Thus they push the boosters. I have pasted the links at the bottom of this thread to just two of the info articles I found on all this.

The anger of the people should not be directed at Trump as I have already said. Everyone wants to point the finger at someone, we are all angry about all of this. The blame again to me lies at the heels of doctors who refrained or suppressed early treatments besides the vaccines; the hospitals and big pharma, the Congress, Governors, and legislatures across the USA who keep pushing these stupid mandates and lockdowns, and our national health institutes who outright lied to us about all of the treatments available. And to top it off, Fauci and the MEDIA - the biggest liars and jackals ever who care not one wit about the American people. Now they are pushing vaccinations for kids under 5; this is despicable and un-needed. Isn't it ironic these same people claim a woman has a right to choose - its her body; but when it comes to the vaccines they would like nothing more than to hold a gun to our heads to get them. Its not that they kill people its the control aspect they want - if they could have achieved that, what's next that the American SHEEPLE will agree to? This is about CONTROL AND POWER over others. Plain and simple. The people in charge of our country right now are by and large criminals. But they are now losing - BIG!

Here are a few articles on the vaccines. If you provide others which counter this so be it, I will gladly read them.



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The blame for all this does not fall on Mr. Trump. The blame for all this falls directly on Fauci for developing the gain of function plan first and foremost (and among a LONG list of others). Why would he do this? For what reason is modifying some virus good for anyone? Was Fauci being directed by others? Who ultimately is behind this catastrophe? Should we follow the money as usual to get to the culprits?

Trump recognized fully that if these people had free reign, they would keep us locked down for years. This is why he had to put into effect OWS. The media was still the major bullhorn, way too many of our fellow citizens believed everything out of their mouths without questioning them. If the world was locked down indefinitely that is where the real death numbers would have risen. Trump initiated OWS to thwart that. He also, even before this, seemed to have had intel something was coming and he ordered research to begin in the military on a second vaccine in secret. Trump was not in the research labs of Pfizer, Moderna, etc. Those companies are responsible for the many side effects that have claimed lives and the effectiveness or lack thereof of the vaccines. And now we also know the testing was flawed and useless - most people identified as having CV19 probably had a cold or the flu. Let that one sink in - USELESS TESTING.

Trump never once said there would be endless jabs planned. He never once mandated a shot for all. This vaccine was approved outside the norm on an EMERGENCY BASIS only. The words EMERGENCY BASIS have meaning. I don't think the initial vaccine has caused much of the damage. I believe it is the endless jabs that people have gotten after it, damaging the effectiveness of their immune system (as now was reported by by a UK government study - Vaccine Surveillance Report week - 42). And lets not sit here naively without looking in the mirror. People were in a panic over this virus. They never stopped to think for themselves or use common sense. I have never seen so many of my fellow Americans afraid of what we ultimately will understand is the 19th variant of a severe cold virus or flu. I still see people believing masks work. It's maddening to watch.

Many people who have had the vaccine or boosters were not even in the most vulnerable groups (older and with other existing health complications) who probably needed some sort of short term protection. Did all the people who took the vaccines, ask or were thoroughly educated on, the potential side effects of taking them? The obvious answer was no, or they cared not to listen because the media built this into the next "black plague" or "Ebola" stoking fear into normal, very healthy individuals who ran out in sheer panic to get their jabs (my wife and I never did and we have been fine). Each drug has side effects clearly published. If Big Pharma hid this, they are culpable.

And who else is culpable? Let's start with the MEDIA. You want to blame someone? Start with them and Fauci. The same media who would not lift one finger to investigate claims of election fraud which is now shown to have been prevalent in all the swing states Trump lost at 4am the next day. Every one of them including the little darlings of Fox News have blood on their hands. The media if they were honest and cared a damn about people, would have gotten to the truth that our dogged citizen journalists have uncovered after painstaking research and investigation. This would have ended before it even began had they done their jobs. Think of that! IT WOULD HAVE ENDED BEFORE IT EVEN BEGAN HAD THEY BEEN HONEST WITH US. Their behavior and being complicit in all this is disgusting and unforgivable. Trump clearly came out and mentioned the treatments that would eradicate the illness and what happened? The MEDIA took over the narrative, called him a buffoon, charlatan, idiot, etc. They did nothing to investigate the facts of what he said. They KNOWLINGLY led the mis-information campaign and fueled it along with Fauci, Birx, WHO, CDC, and yes our cowardly politicians on both sides coupled with most hospitals, and many doctors. These are the people to blame for this fiasco.

All of this suffering could have ended on DAY 1 by knowing about the treatments available - Ivermectin, HCQ, etc. Most people's immune system would have beaten this without those treatments just like they do every year with the flu, colds, etc.

So let that sink in as to what has been pulled on all of us as well as our fellow citizens in this world. All I know is eventually truth and good beat lies and evil, and that is what we are starting to see as their entire scheme and narrative collapses. Soon, hopefully, our other citizens that just have not listened will awake. To live a life in fear is to not live a life at all! Also I have NO sympathy for the people in blue states - most of your citizens voted for these tyrants all because they pay more attention to their stupid sit coms on TV then they do to who they are actually voting for - so either deal with it or move out. Because until this whole thing comes to a head, those states will continue to abuse their citizens. So those of you who have awakened, move out, get to a "free state" or continue to suffer.

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Jan 16, 2022·edited Jan 20, 2022

I keep hearing this theory "TRUMP HAD TO PUSH THE JAB" and it keeps being unsubstantiated. You have no proof of what "these people" WOULD HAVE done.

You can't see the future. You are not a god. Neither is Trump.

What we can do is look at the cause and effect. At a time that America needed Trump to stay in office, he ran away and turned the country over to our enemies. At a time that the country needed him to step up and tell the truth about the vaccines, Trump promoted vaccines that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Even if his Warp Speed program shots were 90% saline, people still took J&J, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and were injured and died from them while he screamed publicly that they were "totally safe".

You can't avoid that.

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Dec 28, 2021·edited Dec 28, 2021

>>Trump to Candace Owens: 'People aren't dying when they take the vaccine'

***He is NOT talking about a Warp Speed DoD super secret vaccine as it had not been announced, let alone released yet.


>> O’Reilly told the crowd that “Both the President and I are vaxxed,” and asked Trump, “Did you

>> get the booster?” To that Trump responded, “yes,” and O’Reilly added, “I got it, too.”

***Does the as yet unreleased DoD Walter Reed version have a booster?

>>Trump said that “the vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind.” Trump...

>>took credit for the vaccine by saying, “I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines.”

*** J and J, Moderna and Pfizer. Three vaccines.


Look. I wanted Trump to be the hero too. It ain't looking good right now.

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