As Darth said, "Now your failure is complete."

Doesn't get any better than this.

Always said the best way to destroy democrats was to let them destroy themselves. That Trump affirmed this notion for me is incredible. Give these unitards everything they want and they will not only find a way to phuc that up---they will do it extravagantly.

This man does not deserve to go on Mount Rushmore. He needs his own damn mountainside.

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Recommendation: Save this offline. It's too important for understanding what we are living through to chance being able to access when needed. If we've learned anything in the past 18 months, it's that those doing the job that the corporate media has abdicated are a threat, which must be silenced at all costs. Deplatforming, getting "Parler-ed" (host servers cancelled), Point of Sale & electronic payment systems cancelling, email distribution vendors cancelling services, etc etc. We've got Telegram and Gab for now, where if needed the offline versions can still be shared.

Job well done, Patel Patriot. As someone with a BA in History, you've done excellent work in citing the original sources to support your thesis. You are doing for (mostly) free what mainstream media sycophants get 6-figure salaries to ignore and "debunk" or "fact check". Keep it up and never lower your standards, friend.

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Your analysis of what's going on is amazing, and encouraging. But it doesn't stop me from getting more enraged the more I learn.

For the past couple of years I've made the mistake of claiming that about 5 of the 535 members of the Legislative Branch of our federal government was worth a damn.

Knowing that they were warned numerous times about Chinese interference in our election and did nothing before OR after the election means I was wrong.

There is not ONE of them that is worth one damn, and they all must be punished for sitting idly by while this country was handed to China, bit by bit for years.

Tribunals for all of them.

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Another well structured article, thanks Patel. I have always held the devolution theory from the first moment I understood the definition of the word. I'm going to make a bold statement right now.....President Trump IS NOT RUNNING for President in 2024 period! Let me explain....the President has said at least 100 times before, during and after the election that it was rigged, stolen, and was the crime of the century. The President also has said several times that unless the fraud from 2020 is fixed, no Republican will ever win the White House again.

So it is safe to say with 100% impunity that the 2020 election fraud or "the crime of the century" will be revealed at some point in the very near future. Well with some deductive reasoning there is only one of two things that could happen when it's revealed:

1. Biden and Harris are removed, and President Trump returns....i.e. " The diamonds are returned"

2. Biden and Harris remain in office regardless of fraud being revealed...i.e. the diamonds are not returned.

Now I would be willing to bet everyone agrees that option 1 is inevitable, and the best way to keep sane at this moment is to focus on what we know vs. what we don't know...i.e. there is not mechanism for the President to return, or Biden has been already sworn in it's to late now.

President Trump has said on a couple of occasions that I have SEVERAL emergency powers as President that NO ONE knows about. I believe he is referring a combination of devolution & PEADS. Remember what President Trump has said....

Sooner than you think

2024 or before?

The best is yet to come

Our amazing journey has only just begun

So lets focus on what we know...election fraud will be revealed 100%, and not the how he will return, but understand when President Trump does return (sooner than you think) we will all say WOW!

Sorry for long post.

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Donald John Trump will go down in history as the Founding Father of The New Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, God has Blessed his soul and ours

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Thank you so much, Patel, for all your work. This has been such fun to read and gives me a lot of hope! And I also enjoyed your interview with Dave/X22 the other day.

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Thank you for your patriotism. Thank you for believing in something so big so beautiful and so necessary. I pray this all comes to fruition because we know what lies ahead for us if it turns out not to be the case. Trump with the support who got him into the White House know there is way too much at stake to leave this to a game of chance by leaving it in the hands of the Supreme Court. Keep up the great work digital soldier. WWG1WGA

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Well done!

No idea if devolution is the plan, but I’m pretty confident that Trump had some purpose for signing those EOs and that gives me some comfort.

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finally someone on the same page as I have been looking into this since last November

and the more I found the more I was convinced this was the plan form the get go

I had read something that the military was going to pull out Obama but choose

a new plan with trump I have went and listen to all trump interviews as far back as

1999 and it all looks like this is it he always says rule of law the constitution and the power of the people with all fits now so we just wait if need we act but we are on the way to getting our country back with is a great thing if I'm wrong let me know

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I knew he was brilliant! He knew they were going to steal our election and I have said all along, Trump was playing chess while the left was playing checkers. They had no idea he was as intelligent as he is and they hate him more than they hate us. Hatred can get in the process of critical thinking and that was their weakness.

He loves our country and all her people. He is letting all the ugliness in our government put on a show so all of we the people can see just how close we are to losing it! Anyone seen Trump Card? Lol this is fabulous and I can breath easier knowing my great grandchildren will continue to live in a free country.

Thank you sir for putting this all together for us to read. You’re brilliant as well!

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I used to wonder why in the heck Trump invited all of his supporters to DC on Jan 6th only to give some boring speech (when he had hinted towards a much grander one). 🤔 But as we've found out, there was a lot more going on that day than the speech. Maybe we can add this to our list of clues as well?

A specific section of the 1807 Insurrection Act details the steps that must FIRST take place in order to successfully enable the Insurrection Act, one of which is the Proclamation to Disperse (10 U.S. Code § 254)- which states: "Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter, he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time." So, consider the announcement that Trump made on Twitter on January 6th as the capital 'insurrection' was winding down... He wrote, "... Go home with love and in peace. Remember this day forever!!"

Just like 10 U.S. Code § 254 states to do, Trump immediately told the insurrectionists to go home peacefully.

A day to remember forever indeed.

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I just read all 7 and I'm blown away👏🙏❤🇺🇸

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So let's play Devil's Advocate-

These people who we collectively refer to as the "Cabal" run the Central Banking System world wide, manipulate the UN, WHO, NATO, IMF, etc. They have been doing this for the better part of 200-plus years of world history. They brought us WW1, WW2, Korea, Viet Nam, 911 and the mid-east. Now they've released a biologic weapon into the world to help them advance their manipulation and put their puppet in control of the one free force of humanity that can stand in their way.

Do you think they read these discussions and are aware of Trump's moves to thwart them? I suspect they do. I think it is possible that they were blind-sided in 2016 and then Trump let them overplay their cards since then. But I think they are paying attention now. What is going to be their next move? I really doubt they sum it all up to it's been a good run and then walk away. And I don't suspect they are that afraid of what will now come out of the American electoral process post-AZ. If they are that smug then it means they are confident in their ability to carry-on. That can only mean one thing. History has demonstrated that these people are ruthless and don't care about humanity. A couple of million people lost to war is a statistic. A couple of hundred million changes the course of history.

They are most likely prepared to change the course of history.

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Patel this is great information and I thank you for putting it all together in this format. Connect the dots. The hidden things of Darkness are being revealed by God Himself.

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If all this is true it’s completely mind blowing. It makes complete sense though. There has been talk and prophesies (taken with a grain of salt) about 2 presidents. I’m in literal tears over this because it gives us hope. Many prayers to you.

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Just so you know Lincoln suspended the Constitution when he invoked both the insurrection and martial law during the civil war . There is a precedence with Lincoln's EO's you may also find that a quick dig through Grant is eye opening as well . Grant kind of sticks out here , he's the only one that held both the office of the postmaster Gen. and the office of the POTUS . It may be nothing but its worth a look . See you at the end of all of this Patriots . enjoy the show

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