At this point, it takes a huge leap of logic to think that devolution isn't what's going on. Anyone who believes that Trump would do nothing to prevent a coup, then would do nothing to remedy it when it happened, then would just hope he could win in 2024 using the same infrastructure that stole the presidency from him already, doesn't know a damn thing about the guy or the military personnel who asked him to run in 2015. It's actually laughable that they'd drop the ball like that and allow a Manchurian candidate to take office without any countermeasures.

Devolution isn't for Biden, because that's not Biden in office anyway - look for videos anywhere other than Youtube/Google and you'll clearly see it's a masked actor who's playing a role to make liberals understand how easily they were fooled by the MSM, and it's working as well judging by Twitter reactions to the Afghanistan situation. I get that Patel doesn't want to delve into that, I understand why especially when people will attack you and call you crazy for even suggesting that they'd put a controlled double into the presidency rather than actually allowing a deep state traitor with ties to multiple hostile nations and child trafficking rings become leader of the free world and let a non-natural-born globalist who destroyed thousands of black lives in her home state and slept her way to the top become VP.

The point is that when Trump says 'think big,' that's what we need to do. This isn't about one puppet president or even one party, it's about clearing out the entire corrupt sociopolitical and corporate infrastructure of the US and indeed the world as this is an allied operation. That's where we come in as Patel said in his first addendum, we focus on things at the local level while the military - or at least this uncontaminated portion of it - deals with the situation at the top, the highest rungs of which I fully believe have already been punished and we're just watching the minions/lower level guys getting ensnared so people understand how bad the infiltration was. If there truly wasn't a plan as Flynn says, they wouldn't be asking for people to just go to their school board meetings or boycott companies. They'd be asking for the militias, and failing to do so thus allowing an illegal communist takeover of government would actually be treason.

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I am so fascinated to have read the Devolution 1-9. I am learning and understanding more about history as well as current especially military structure/ ranks as well as who is most important to carryout for Trumps return. This is why the election results are KEY. The sooner we get what we need the sooner the suffering and the loss of life can be spared.

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Prepare for the "initial wave" with emergency supplies. Food, water, cash, ammo. Consider getting a power station with solar panels in order to power almost all of your devices.

Protect your wealth with gold, silver and cryptocurrency. The destruction of the western private central banking system is next.

Make contingency plans with your friends and neighbors. Stay home, stay safe but also be prepared to evacuate if necessary. Store gasoline in containers.

Q told us that every available resource is being fully exhausted to protect Americans during this painful transition. Use your awareness of this situation to protect yourself and loved ones.

Then get ready for the best years this planet has seen in a very long time. The best is yet to come!

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Thank you. My current thinking is:

1. The Constitution has been rendered inoperable through infiltration and corruption of all three of its components.

2. It follows that there can be no civil remedy against its collapse, since the very arbitrators of what is fair, just or legal are part of the problem. Neither individual actions, social protest nor legal proceedings can be effective.

3. Therefore, until the Constitution can be brought back into effective operational capability, the only recourse is to force, based on the Declaration and the Bill, which have precedence in the preservation of the nation.

4. If there remains a kernel of military capability which is uncompromised and can therefore exert power on behalf of the people, it is duty bound to do so.

6. You have described in much detail the provisions made to ensure that, provided it has both the situational awareness and the willingness to act, it will do so according to those plans and its available capacity.

7. In addition to the issues of awareness and willingness, there is that issue of capability/capacity. In this connection, our opponents might well be attempting to remove that capability, and I think the current fiasco in Afghanistan might have been designed to do so.

8. By engineering a situation of outrage, Congress might 'respond' to it (with broad support from the general population) by engaging the military forces in a Declared War. It would be able to take command of those forces and direct their strength in numerous created theatres, hoping to pre-empt what they will be well aware is a pre-existing (but undeclared and invisible) war on they themselves. If they weren't aware before, your articles will have left them in little doubt of the threat they face if they do nothing.

9. I therefore expect to see the imminent unveiling of a large-scale armed reaction, by engineered popular outrage and demand for action. At the cost of losing Biden and installing a fresh and determined administration (which they anticipated well before the election, as evidenced by Pelosi's puzzling remark last year that Trump was not the target of their interst in the use of the 25th), they would have a popular mandate for a plan which would remove the threat from election issues and much else besides.

10. So the key issues are - awareness, willingness, and capability, plus crystal-ball gazing on timing. The first two you have answered adequately to my mind; the third is for me the crucial on; and the last is a matter of gateways passed or paused, and the quality of planning, neither of which we have direct access to.

I guess it helps me to work through this, and it does give me at least one pointer outside the military itself, to how real this is and how real our opponents consider it to be.

Thanks again.

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Thank you. Your series has been the most positive thing have read this year. I hope and pray you are right and we will watch our country be saved!

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Thank you for your tireless hours of research and investigation. Having evidence laid out makes the Patriot information fight easier to do since we have to back channel comms.

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Think spiritual vaccination. Trump accelerated the timeline which hurts us all but for a narrower window of time. We will be immunized against the enemies plans to monthly jab us to death in their new society of reduced population because now we see their plans laid bare and have refused to live it. (Gates, The Rockefellers, et al). We did need to be spiritually vaccinated so that we stopped blindly trusting authority.

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The other fascinating point here is, in 2017 President Trump dropped a MOAB on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Not reported was the fact that that mission was secretly meant to destroy Pakistan’s Central Intelligence Agency. Which it did.

Which, makes Biden and his puppeteers ( and General Aquilino ) even more complicit in the recent Afghanistan withdrawal because they’ve essentially given our enemies ( CCP and Pakistan ) our military software and the contents of our military operations, names, weapons cache , etc. Pakistan is back in business. Probably with more than they ever had before, to use against us.

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No offense, but no. Even if this were true then why allow our military to be weakened with a forced vax or dishonorable discharge and loss of troops? Once again a narrative of someone will save us will cause good people to sit on their ass and eat popcorn instead of getting their pens out and writing or suing those in office! Go to meetings, get loud, state your constitutional rights, do not give in or comply, but get loud and in large numbers. IF this is true great but no more 'the plan the plan', it's worse than old 'the plane the plane' that never came.

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A wonderfully researched paper as always, I enjoyed reading all of them! Since nothing like this has ever occurred in US history, I can't imagine how the act of removing an illegitimate regime would happen. Certainly, that will be one for this history books! We most assuredly need to get back to "one vote cast, one vote counted" for this republic to survive! Election fraud has been going on for far too long!

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All I can say is that today 12 American servicemen died in Afghanistan. If Devolution is the process of preventing the loss of American lives while exposing this travesty then it is time to let the cat out of the bag and prevent any such further foolish waste of human life. If America needs to see what is the alternative then it is shown. If the reveal is certain then show it now. To hell with any further exposure of this clown show.

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Thank you for a great article and on clarifying our military chain of command. Whether or not this will be of use to determine what is going to unfold in the next days and weeks is very subjective. But I have my own theory. Recall the comment Trump made at the Alamo in January regarding the 25th amendment and that it will come back to haunt Joe Biden? Well, this is about to come to fruition.

From my DD it is my understanding that for the 25th to be invoked it is that all it needs is for majority of the Cabinet members to signs a letter issued by Kamala Harris.

One copy goes to the Senate, one copy goes to the house - 25th in place. No courts, no impeachment process, no mental tests. Still, for Harris to become POTUS she must go thru the inauguration process. This is where it gets interesting, and this where I believe devolution kicks in. I do believe the AZ audit report to the Senate and it's finding will have a huge impact on the timeline for the devolution to take place. There can be no justification for Harris to be POTUS in a fraud regime. This all seems to playing out just as Trump noted at the Alamo. Important to note that Trump will not automatically be inserted at that point because a 'cool down' period will be needed to show the still sleeping throng why this 'coup' came about. The timing is interesting.

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I just cannot reconcile what Trump’s pivotal role was in ushering in the totally useless and very deadly Covid “vaccine”. At every opportunity (still to this day) he reminds everyone how it would have an additional 3-5 yrs for the “vaccine” to be ready vs the 9 months it took under Op Warpspeed. The “Fauchi Ouchie”, or “jab” has already killed tens of thousands, maimed hundreds of thousands, and possibly sterilzed 60% of those who took it. Not to mention many medical experts have publically stated that all those who have been “vaccinated” will surely die in 6 months to 5 yrs. i cannot see how any lucid and sane leader would allow that to happen. If you disagree, I would really like to hear about counter arguments.

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Thank You Awesome intel.

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Stop believing this fairy tale, people. Just stop. These idiots are out to either A) make you look stupid, OR B) ROLL YOUR DUMB ASSES UP.

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Dear Patel, I just want to say I love your series and will keep following it. I am not one to pubically call things out like this but I could not find an email for you to do this privately. It is based on a "theory" which I totally underatand and love. I came across a "theory" which tied into your series and one of your main characters in it. Only way I could find to get the info to you was through your spitballers channel. I have seen where you give credit to your followers for helping you through that channel so I figured why not. I am not one to post things or retweet etc things due to misinformation especially in this type of setting but I gave it a shot. In my message I just stated that "you might want to listen to patriot street fighter 24 Scott McKay pod cast for Friday Aug 27 around the 50 minute mark because his guest is making a connection between JFK and Ezra Cohen and kayleigh mceinery" (I still can't spell their names and I am not mom multitasking this morning lol). I never said this was a fact or anything like this just that their might be a connection. I was immediately yelled at by your admin for spreading something that might not be factual. At the time I did not realize it was your admin and just blew it off. I was busy cooking dinner and didn't care. I sat down to eat and saw that you had asked for a link and if I had any other sites to back it up. I had not had time to research it as I was being a multitasking mom at the time but I could give you the link for the pod cast so I did that while I was eating my dinner. I had not finished putting my food in my mouth after I had hit send and I got another message from your admin threatening me again. This time it stated "if you can only post links to the same unproven things you will be banned." I was like wow someone is on a high horse of power today. I responded that you asked for it and that she needed to not jump all over people that were just doing as they were asked to do. She responded that I misunderstood you and you did not ask for the link and she had full right to jump all over me. I am not one for confrontation so I left your chat or it was going to get very ugly. With all that is going on in the world right now everyone us at a breaking point I understand that that is why I left. I am the last to fight or get upset I told my husband the other day I am done and ready to fight. My uncle died in 9/11 thanks cabal he was one of the 343 fire fighters. My husband lost 13 friends in Iraq that he had to try and save as a Navy medic the first time we were over in that sand trap. To see what this illegitimate president/cabal is doing to this world right now sickens me. I can't do much to help in the fight but when I heard what I did I thought I might be able to help in the fight some by giving you a little bit of new info you might not havr heard of yet. Sorry I am rambling but I was so upset all night about this I couldn't sleep.

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