Folks, I just thought of something. Who broke the news, NY TIMES. That audience is so far left that they are being fed that the 2022 elections will be rigged and stolen by the right. Itll be illegitimate by the left if they don't win. This was a seeded illegitimate elections move by the left

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Became a Founding Member today and damn Proud of it! Lol! Thank YOU! I will continue to support you any time! I also Subbed Paid to Kate! Hopefully helps! Ty!

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I hope this whole breaks wide ass open, and soon!!!!!

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@1:05:38 ... 'and then you're gonna have this cascading series of reveals' - - says it all re November Elections . Control of Power officially flows to a MAGA dominated Congress - - the America First Agenda regains dominance to the tune of having a 2/3 plus majority (think DEM and RHINO resignations / expulsions w do-over special elections in Senate) . ......It's all feasible if the PATS wish to move this fast ! sooooo go D-5 . ........ .... shalom to all p.s. great podcast today

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Guys wake up. This is a ploy to scare election workers. They know exactly what they're doing

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Do you think they could be trying to scare Republican election workers into not working the election so that they can have more deep state operatives at election polling places?

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Yep, brasil is being stolen

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Great stuff guys!! Could listen forever.

Convergence of narratives and reports of news that we learned about years ago shows timing is important.

Love Rumble, but it would eat into my cell data plan with all the videos I would watch. Substack is great. (I’ll watch the shows with Kate on Rumble LOL.)

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This was truly a great session. To me it REALLY ties in with PART 22 - irregular warfare.

Jon - is what is happening now what you meant by "Something starts before the Mid-Terms to bring Trump back"?


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Can’t open any videos

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Thank you, Jon.

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Jon, I love your show; however, since Burning Bright has been added, he seems to be hogging the conversation. While his insight is often interesting, I get tired of him taking over the whole conversation and talking over you and Patrick with his stream of consciousness diatribes. I want to hear more of what you and Patrick think, not just incessant ramblings from the bright boy.

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they were talking about how things were turning around and arrests were being made in Michigan for software that revealed China receiving poll workers info (true the vote)and how great that was. They couldnt understand why that would happen and how great it was at this time when the elections are so close

BUT i think they missed it....I think it is a deep state strategy using the media to scare poll workers so we dont have enough to run the elections then they can justify drop boxes and promote it!!!!!!!!

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Very Thoughtful Convo. Trio.

Thank you.

As to & in light of, the subjects of: croutons/factions, & normal/good faith people, & corruption/preparation.


You probably already know of this, if not in fact, but certainly in spirit. Nevertheless.

Barbarians Inside The Gates

The Black Book of Bolshevism

Book I

~ Donn de Grand Pre

pps. 388-392

"...is not to the strong alone;

it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave."

For Inspiration & Certainty,

during an uncertain time.

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