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Trump is the Sovereign power, China / Biden the occupying power

The military has the duty to remove the occupying force

DoD Law of War

Manual - June 2015 Updated


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"Fraud vitiates everything." That enduring opinion was the crux of the landmark decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in the above referenced case of the United States versus Throckmorton. Ipso facto, the outcome of a POTUS election that is rife with one-sided fraud and criminality is rendered null and void.

754-755 XI– Military Occupation Chapter

755 the interests and welfare of the civilian population of the occupied territory.2 The Occupying Power has obligations related to the maintenance of public order and safety, and the protection of civilians and property in occupied territory.3Military Occupation – Notes on Terminology. Occupation, Military Government, Belligerent Occupation, and Martial Law. The practice of conducting military occupation is very old, and the law of military occupation has long been part of the law of war.4 Military occupation is also called belligerent occupation. The conduct of military occupation has also been characterized as an exercise of “military government”5 or “martial law


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