First thoughts:

Dueling Substacks!

How exciting!

Now I will read again early in the morning.

Thanks Patel; nice job.

Quite frankly, I'm expecting that PDJT is going to surprise everyone this time around.

It's striking how open the fraudulent regime is with their tyranny. They've always been tyrants (I remember, I'm really old), but they were always sneaky about it. Now, they are just right in our faces. If you are a Nationalist, MAGA, Trump Supporter; we are coming for you and yours. P.E.R.I.O.D.

I must admit that I am a little bit surprised because I thought they had researched PDJT since he was born, knew his family, and his Dad who even helped the FBI take down the MAFIA.

Yet, by their actions and statements, THEY do NOT know or understand the man, DJT nor the Commander in Chief, PDJT.

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Yep ! Well stated and researched. As always . I am 100% certain that WHATEVER actually happens will be....well....what actually is supposed to happen. At least for now. Never Never NEVER has the time been more right for evil to be once-and-for-all be taken down. IF...and I DO mean if..the people we hang our hopes on ARE in fact worthy, then we will have our jubilee. Peace on earth ! Amen !!!

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Is it possible that both of these are correct? Is it possible to dismantle an old COG as president and then implement a new one before leaving office? They have some very poor sourcing, but it doesn't mean it's bad info. These sites can have truth. The best lies are based on facts. They disguise the lie and give it credibility. I don't need any of this to be true, I just see where there is plenty of room for overlap.

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First, I did not even have to read this to completely commit to the devolution theory. I did accidentally stumble upon the reconstitution writings, they are very well done, well written and with a dash of authority, convincing. Too bad I’ve seen too many FACTUAL documents supporting Devolution. Also, knowing Trump, devolution would be his game. It’s the only possible way he’d walk off stage. He may have left center stage, but he simply went back stage and began working on potential candidates for the mid-term election. I’m pretty sure this stage exit was difficult for Trump but at the same time he had confidence in his following that someone like Patel Patriot (Jon) would put all this together. What is amazing, Jon is not a Q reader and HE STILL managed to put all this together. Maybe not being a Q reader enabled him to not become distracted and wait for someone else to figure it out (like me for example). Excellent work Jon, you keep up with your work. You have my full support!!

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I find your conclusions plausible. POTUS was clear, "this is worse than 9/11, this is worse than Pearl Harbor ". "Watch those mail-in ballots ". He knew the end from the beginning and planned accordingly. What we do in life echoes for eternity - Maximus. Lord Jesus, we are grateful for our President, Donald J Trump. Thank you Jon. We are grateful for your service to our Nation. Be well ✝️ 🌹 🍻

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Thank you for a detailed and very well researched explanation of "Devolution"!!! It was clear and made perfect sense to me. I was puzzled while reading the "Reconstitution" series. The conclusion was just downright ODD!!!!!

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"Just because my parents own a generator and have it ready and waiting, that doesn’t mean it is generating any power. The generator is a contingency plan exactly like the teams of people at the COG sites were for Bush after everything was reconstituted back to normal operations." That's not how I read the article. I read it to mean that cog was implemented and kept running as a precaution. As in your parents left the generator running since they were unsure if and when they might need it again. Vice president being absent from DC for over 5 months was part of COG. Also, might i add, we're using the Washington post as a credible source. How do we know it is? What has been verified of any of this. Because someone uses a poor source such as an antifa blog doesn't mean they are wrong. It just means they are wrong as it is argued. I could use fact from an uncredible source, doesn't mean I'm wrong, just that I sourced it badly. What makes me wrong is if that fact is wrong separate from the source.

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Oh, touche! Too bad the sources they used and the conclusions that they drew from said sources were without standing. One of the things both my husband and I were drawn to with your articles from the beginning were how well-researched they were. Thanks for providing such outstanding information.

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Very good thanks I enjoyed this and am behind you 100%

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Do you take this as an attack on your work?

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Excellent rebuttal. Thank you.

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Thanx again for doing what you do.

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Jon, the reason their plan makes more sense is it explains why our whole Congress and our whole Justice dept are powerless against these TRAITORS. They just stand there twiddling their thumbs because they have no power. Maybe they never did!! Any one that goes against These Globalists ELITE dies.

The 17th Special OPs Group explains it. Obama is still the President-KING with Hillary as his side kick. Our whole government is run by one man. And everything they do is to make their Shadow Government larger and MORE POWERFUL.

Just look what they did today.....they created a whole new Environmental Gestapo. Another armed FED enforcement arm of the President-KING. Claiming they are doing it for the good of the POOR! Like they give a crap about any one besides themselves.


Just like the 87,000 Armed IRS Agents,....they just keep making their PRESIDENT-KING more powerful.

Soon they will implement their FEMA people to take over the Country and we'll all be rounded up into camps! They'll fake a Civil War,....and say they have no choice, it's for our own GOOD. There is no one to stop them.

People like Rand Paul, Jim Jordon, Ron Johnson, Josh Hawley,.....the few patriots left in our government can scream and yell all they want publicly,....but they have NO POWER. Only the President-King Rules this Country.

Their plan makes sense. It explains how we got to a place where no one has any power in our Government except for the Shadow Government ruled by 1 man. Hillary was so pissed that she didn't win in 2016 because it was her turn to be President-KING. A woman scorned etc....

If Devolution is really on the plan,....it's way past time to implement it! Millions are dying of the shots world wide,....including OUR Military men and women.

Millions will be starving and freezing this coming winter because NO ONE Is Preparing our Country for the Grand Solar Minimum we are now in! No one is smashing the MAN MADE GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE SCAM either, even though there is clear evidence of us returning to another SOLAR COOLING CYCLE!!

If there is something being done to fix all this crap,....Devolution.......THEN do it!!

We do not have much more time. Here, incase you didn't know about the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM A link: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/04/dark_cold_years_are_coming_so_youd_better_get_ready.html

GLOBAL WARMING....also a SOLAR CYCLE< not man made at all,.....is over. it's been over since 2000. So, someone better do something soon, or everyone is going to starve and freeze!!

It's time for this SCAM to be SLAUGHTERED once and for all. It is an extortion SCAM, meant to keep the people of this planet from surviving the Mini Ice Age that is upon us. The ELITE will be warm and comfy in their deep underground Bunkers with fuel and food to last years! The people will starve and freeze and face nuclear war. Don't you see what these GLOBAL ELITE Khazarian Mafia are doing? We need to STOP IT NOW!!! NOT wait for more people to wake up. Soon they will wake up DEAD!

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