We are much stronger than we think we are

We have survived even though all the while we have been enslaved

We have been held down

Held back

Pushed to the line

Yet we keep persevering the stress and striving to meet the demands of our families who rely on us to keep pushing harder working longer to meet the demands placed upon us

All the while others benefit from our hard labors and efforts to stay alive

We are stronger than we think

We are survivors

We made it this far for decades while those in power place more and more burdens on our backs we carry the load and keep pushing forward

They intend to break us

With laws and costs that should have by now

But we are survivors

And nothing can or will break us

We have been divided and spun about chewed up and spit out

But we are still here

We are stronger than we think

We are survivors we are still here

No matter how far they push us into the earth below we push up through the ground for the sun to help us grow

We are survivors

We are still here

So remember these words if the time ever comes

I will not comply

I will not submit

I will live free or die

I am a Patriot

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"There is only one remaining group of individuals that stands in the way of the total destruction of America. That group is the United States military." That is the conclusion I have come to, watching all of this play out. Your analysis is impeccable, thorough and well done, but I am a bottom line person, and to me, that particular quote is the bottom line.

I also feel strongly that this month (September) is going to have to be THE month where the elements underpinning the conditions necessary for the "big reveal" come forth. Lives are knowingly sacrificed in times of war in order to achieve certain objectives, and that is true on both sides of any given war. In my opinion, we are witnessing the final battle for control of the entire planet and it will go on until one side or the other gains sufficient control to direct the course of events after that.

There are many tools being used (such as weather warfare) that are not obvious unless one knows enough about them to see beneath the surface. The FBI, CIA, and BATF were complicit in the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995, following which the first "Patriot Act" was passed. It eroded several provisions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, notably the right to due process and habeas corpus actions. I have always believed that 9/11 was an inside job, although there were many actors in the drama, both visible and invisible. It led to the passage of the second "Patriot Act" and the declared "war on terror" that followed, further paving the road to further control, corruption, and deception.

According to the documentation obtained by Maria Zack, Obama funneled $800 million (2 pallets) of the Iran cash into the Vatican bank. It was used in part to fund the use of the Leonardo satellite to change the vote count in the 2020 election. She gave the Italian affidavit to Trump in person at a Christmas dinner at Mar-a-Lago and supplied it to various entities in the Congress. According to the affidavit, the final vote count change was ordered by a CIA operative from within the US embassy in Rome. The owner of the Leonardo satellite is the Vatican. The US government is one of the major users of the Leonardo satellite. The emergence of this affidavit resulted in the breakup of the Italian government shortly afterward. The corruption is everywhere.

Yes, the military is the only hope left to save our country and when (and if) the reveal actually happens, it could provide hope and guidance for the rest of the world to take back control of their countries. However, I do believe that if this does not take place soon (no later then October), the "casualties" of this war will be catastrophic to a level that might mean there will not be much left with which to rebuild. Interestingly the Deagel.com forecast that the US population would fall to 100 million by 2025 was apparently removed on April 20, 2021 (https://seemorerocks.is/deagel-com-just-removed-2025-forecast/). Could this be a sign that we are near the point in time that these trends will be reversed? I certainly hope so!

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Pertaining to the Devolution, if Trump and the military unleash The Storm too early, MSM will spin it as a fascist coup, and millions of liberals will believe them and take to the streets. And the non-arrested Antifa operatives will riot and burn. Swamp officials on all levels will publicly state that they refuse to obey orders, swampy military officers will do the same. And the swampy parts of corporate America will do whatever they can to cause chaos.

My guess is that only a small part of the military know about the devolution. But I still think that large parts of the military and regular law enforcement have been somewhat redpilled, are enraged, and would be loyal. I am also convinced there are invisible mole White Hats inside Big Tech and MSM, waiting to be activated. Some of them might even pretend to be Swampy enemies.

And don't forget the 200k sealed indictments all across the country. Please try to explain them away if this is all "hope p-rn". There must be tons to DAs and police officers involved in them.

My guess is that 60% of the population already think that the election was stolen, the covid policy is corrupt, and the Dems are doing a horrible job. But to avoid civil war, that figure must go up to +80% before the military can make their move.

The Afghanistan disaster has pushed this figure up. A large number of retired flag officers openly attacking Biden and demanding the resignation of the woke general in the Pentagon is an additional step to prepare the public, but is it enough?

That's why the State audits are so important. It must be obvious for everyone (including foreign leaders) that 2020 was stolen. If four swing states decertify and Biden refuses to resign That's even even better. A perfect excuse for the military to step in.

And to avoid conflating this with Trump hatred, my guess is that the military, Durham, and other patriot prosecutors will act on their own without Trump being publicly visible during the first phases.

I have seen speculations that the military will take control of Big Tech and all the TV networks and broadcast 24/7 an 8 hour long documentary showing all the evidence, video taped confessions, Gitmo military tribunal rulings, etc. Some red pill if that's true.

And as this is a war, we can expect asset seizures on a massive scale. I'm thinking Gates, Zuckerberg, Soros, Rockefellers, Koch, Bush, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Biden, Rotschild, many senators, the Freemasons, Hollywood bilionaires, the Harvard endowments, and on and on.

Even an extremely smart "regular guy" who becomes interested in politics would not be able to find all these obscure government documents and put the pieces together. Me thinks Patelpatriot is a high level spokesperson for the White Hats and that this is an intentional way to prepare the awake for what's coming.

This does not mean that we grassroots can be passive and expect someone else to take our country back in their behalf. As general Flynn has said repeatedly. Do whatever you can on the local level and up. Tens of thousands of positions must be filled after the purge. Start with all the unfilled volunteer positions in the local GOP organisation. If we are not ready, another swampy RINO will just step in after the arrests.

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As each day passes, we are becoming more and more divided as a nation. And the sad part is there are still many that have no clue or even care to know what is taking place. This and many of Patel's devolution parts provide strong evidence to support that the military IS the only way. As events transpire it becomes so very obvious that as America goes, so goes the the rest of the World. They see travesties taking place here and they follow accordingly. It's very depressing to many to see what is unfolding without having a feeling of despair and futility if you look at it from the very surface of it. There corruption runs incredibly deep. We let this happen because we were literally asleep at the wheel in a vehicle heading towards a deep abyss. Had a discussion with a buddy of mine today about how life seemed so different back in the 60's 70's and 80's being young and fully of desire - loving life , playing music and partying like it was going to be a 'forever love fest'. The young people today are going thru a different kind of 'party' - the one with a red sickle on it's invitation card.

Like a few that have noted, if there is a devolution, it must come very quickly. The feckless treasonous liars and rats that permeate the area in DC need to be fumigated to allow the patriots to advance further to take America back. If anyone remembers the movie/documentary "Cast A Giant Shadow", the part where the locals had to make a pathway up a very steep and treacherous hill at night, using shovels, pitchforks and pick axe's . That is were we are at this moment.

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PS...US Mil Intel have hundreds of options / suboptions for all scenarios...moves and countermoves...almost there.

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Why does DJT, the President, real one, continue to say to people that the deadly injections are good? To recommend taking it?

Is it all theater? Did the globalist cabal think they had to play Americans differently to Australians, due to the Second Amendment? It looks so very like imposing sanctions on a nation, prior to kinetic attack, in order to weaken them.

As the process drags out, even if intended to restore the republic, that seems less and less possible, as more people are injured and killed by pharmaceutical weapons.

Why does the President deceive people about the injection and what it does?

I voted for DJT, and he is, I know, still President, but it rapidly becomes a point that matters little, as he deceives people on the matter of an injection proven to be deadly, killing some almost at once, setting others up for debilitation and suffering before a premature death.

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This is the biggest ripoff since the election. It is really sad that you continue to lead people on with this nonsense. I guess it is true that a lie is easier to believe than the truth. The military is having its own problems with its leadership and Chris Miller's recent comments is very telling. There is no secret plan or shadow government other than the deep state which is only going to be removed either by revolution or a miracle. Get a grip people and wake up, our country is not coming back without some serious pain and intervention, but that would take an effort and most Americans are not interested in that.

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September 8th

I was just watching the economic news. C19 & the vaccine are one thing, and certainly important. People could or will die. Trying not to be hard-hearted, the deaths of those who wanted the vaccine are not going to change the course of history. In a sense it's a tangent.

What I am worried about is the economy and financial system. The death of it will affect everyone not just some people. Furthermore, destroying the financial system (as is being done) is irreversible. Once we pass a certain point, that's it. The rest then just happens. And will happen even if Trump were to become the President tomorrow.

This whole theory that Trump and the Patriots are just waiting until the situation becomes so bad that X number of people finally see it, seems to me to ignore just what damage IS going on. I believe that if they are patriots then they should have stopped this whole Re-set a long time ago. Otherwise, like ticks, the bad guys are just digging themselves in, deeper and deeper. Which means harder to remove.

We are approaching one year since the election. That is a long time in any body's world. I feel it is too long and has allowed the bad guys to just continue to acquire and exercise more and more control. By waiting to over thrown them, the Patriots are just making them more powerful.

It's beginning to look to me like this is a surgical operation which waited too long to be done, and even if there is an "operation", alas the patient died.

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What will trigger the military to take action? What happens if the military does not act? It seems to me that as more time passes, the military gets weaker and weaker. I hope Patel Patriot is right but at this point it is lots of theory. Thanks for the research. At this point I straddle hope and skepticism

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When? Children are being stolen at the border, people are being seriously injured or killed by the injections, people are dying from fentanyl overdoses, people are losing their homes and jobs, we’re all losing our civil liberties, and the march is on for a full fascist takeover of planet Earth. When?

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Great analysis again. I would just segway a bit to give a background and a bit of history that demonstrates how this corruption became so pervasive and deep rooted. Here is an accounting of how economic power is so concentrated in just a very few hands.https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/04/bill-sardi/who-runs-the-world-blackrock-and-vanguard/

And here is an accounting of when you could say our country was sold out to the behemoth economic titans who really came to rule the world. https://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/two-us-constitutions

All this ties in with Devolution in the sense that not only was our country going to become a subsidiary of CHINA INC. but the entire planet was being set up for a New World Order. A One World Govt. I think this effort to dismantle the US was setting it up to be neutered as regards any ability for US citizens to resist. Then with the worldwide Virus and lockdowns, they the Cabal were going to fully realize their NWO PLAN which included massive Depopulation. Much info exists now on the Net to support all this I just mentioned. All this is so big and profound it really boggles the mind. It is really a War for our collective destiny as a species. Finally, I would say Devolution may really have gotten started with President Kennedy what he knew and was about to do and his assassination and certain high up Military personnel who came to understand the profound corruption characterizing a hidden rule by a very few incredibly wealthy entities

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So today the operative word according to Seamus is "shattering". Today the National Archives Records Administration placed cautionary labels onto the United States Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights identifying these documents as inflammatory speech. They are identified as the voice of old white men that do not reflect the values of our current America. The glass pane reflecting our nations history and the values that we hold dear and which made us the greatest nation on earth are shattered by this fraudulent administration. What is the greater loss, our 13 beloved servicemen or our national heritage? All were bought with the blood of patriots. Yet we keep waiting for the moment when this injustice will be called out. In the interim what is being shattered is the confidence of the everyday American who has lost sight of the nation they were born into and love to the depths of their hearts. They are not reading these texts building momentum in their hearts that the day will come when they will stand up and say never more. My finger on the pulse of the nation, my brothers and friends that continue to hear to me telling that the patriots are coming, is growing weak by the continuing shattered dream that justice will prevail. In fact, even to hear me tell it again and again is to hear a voice that is cracked by the repetition of saying it over and over for such a prolonged time. Please God, do not shatter my dreams that the nation will rise up out of these difficult times and if we must again pay the price with the the blood of our youth let it be swift so that the wound can be tended and the nation then where that scar of it into tomorrow when we will know that America stands united as never before.

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I do follow Q a bit. And Q said in various ways we have to be taken to the precipice to truly change or want change. The precipice is seeing the deep rot that has metastized. And seeing we were collectively being taken to ruin. The Vaccines deaths are one way. They want to kill us. So maybe now we know we really are in a War.

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I’ve just reread Art of War and I think your analysis is wonderfully accurate - Trump is a master at”holding out baits” and the Deep State can’t seem to resist. He is backing them into a trap while remaining entirely secure.

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I'm beginning to suspect this whole thing is Hopium. Where's that chairwoman from the Arizona State Republican Party who was so prompt in giving daily updates? Last I heard she was nursing COVID patients in the state senate. Now California has demonstrated that they can run the fraud under their own terms with not a peep from the masses. Red October is starting to look like the color of the leaves as the sun moves lower into the skyline.

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Today I can't comment on some of Patel Patriots posts - only the elite paying subscribers can. Bad move, PatelPatriot!!! The comment section under your posts is the best on the internet - a good cross section of people, variously thoughtful, kind, analytical, info-filled, and/or sharing of their own experiences where they are. Freedom-loving of course. We the People need to know the thoughts of the many others of like mind at this time, when Evil people with horrendous plans are making their final pushes for total control. This is not a time to censor ordinary, not-rich, freedom-loving people. Don't leave us out of the fellowship and conversation as Big Tech so often does for their own reasons.

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