Now even those who lack the sense,

Considered once quite common,

Can see by means of EVIdence,

The treason of the Fallen,

But, “FISA works both ways”, wrote Q,

You’ve been surveilled by White Hats,

They LET you do what traitors do,

Now Durham’s up to bat,

They LET you lie about the germ,

They LET you shut us down,

It took a while for us to learn,

This show’s been run by clowns*,

They LET you steal the vote and “win”,

We had to SEE you do it,

So when indictments would begin,

We wouldn’t misconstrue it,

We HAD to watch as black-robed rats,

Put matches to the law,

They just kept sitting on their hands -

Barrett and Kavanaugh,

We HAD to smell the FBI,

And watch the DO”J”,

We HAD to hear those weasels lie,

To Congress – to our face!

The Soros-funded media,

And prepaid streetwise thugs,

Tried hard to goad us to a fight,

Masks hiding cowards’ mugs,

Don did it right, you know, by law,

When foreign’rs interfered,

A governance Republic,

Requires consequence severe,

So, way ahead he signed it -

The Insurrection Act,

And let the Deep State play this out,

Knowing he had the facts,

(That’s ALL the facts, I mean THAT too,

From Epstein to Podesta,

The Clintons and their Haiti crews,

And Hollywood and Oprah),

For Breitbart, Babitt, Scalia,

McAfee and the Shermans**,

We’re begging for indictments now,


The biggest Sting in history,

Not this time REVolution,

Thanks to heroic military,

Welcome to DEVolution. ***

--Elva Nelson

*slang for CIA

** Murdered for their Hydroxychloroquin mfg co

***Temporary decentralized power

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More piece(s) of esoteric but circumstantial evidence: On Jan 6 the Eisenhower staff bldg next to the WH had it's flag flying "upside down!" Those are the actual staff offices of the various WH staff & where they work from. No, it's not like Joel Aronson's ridiculous "West Wing" series where they were all crammed into the little old WH. It's way to small for all the necessary staff functions to operate out of, think about it. I've worked in DC across from the WH for 7 years. Never would an official flag be flown erroneously like that. It was obvious to anyone who looked at it. In addition 24-48 hrs prior to Trump departing the WH there was no colors flying atop the WH. This does not happen, it flies 24/7 w/o exception & is only lowered 1/2 Mast for certain occasions & protocols. There is never a bare flag pole evident. Especially for 24-48 hrs? Why is this significant? Think of COGCON in terms of a Navy vessel which is sinking or about to be scuttled. The colors are always transferred to the new Command vessel & never go down with the sinking ship. I have pictures of this & will post if I can dig them up.

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Hey there Patel. Really appreciate you and what you’ve been sharing. I think you are clearly on the right path with this. I wanted to mention, I was kicked out of the spitballer group by the admins last night for simply sharing one Q post that totally talks about the chain of command, and I was only sharing it to show the very direct link between the post and your theory.

They asked us “do you trust the chain of command”. I understand that you don’t want the page spiraling into a Q group, but the post is very much relevant and should be considered and discussed, just as the thread above. Censoring people and being rude is not going to help us to unravel this story. The admins jumped on me quite rudely and were not nice. We need to be open to all ideas right now and also considerate to people. I’ve been following Q since day one and there is much more connecting your theory to what they were posting. It would be nice if you could tell the folks running the group to calm down with the hall monitor censoring stuff. I’d also like to be back on that group if possible. As I said before, great work patriot.

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You should add that biden received a 19 gun salute .

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Once again appreciate the dissection of this masterful Plan. Actually, among the little hints that the inauguratiin was fake and that the Military did not recognize Biden as the new President was as the Biden Motorcade was leaving, the military turned their back on it. I also find it interesting that this 1 year extension is till roughly middle of September. On telegram channels lots of hints are suggesting something big to happen on or befoe 911. Wouldn't that be stupendous

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Great line by Seamus "The MSM, global corporations, their political stooges all had their emotional fits. We saw these histrionics as just another example of why we voted for Trump. We were not able to see the causality in what was occurring. That was, if Trump was successful in his goals of returning power to the people, this entire Political and power structure that had been in place for well over a century would come crashing down. In that great shattering, all of these people would be cast aside and their true goals and motivations revealed. They would not be able to walk down the street as many people have stated. What is currently occurring is that great shattering, and we are not going back to what life was like before this. "

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Wasnt the other thing that happened on 1-20, minutes before the 'inauguration', a ton of IP addresses were transferred from the dod to an obscure little ISP in Fl? A place so small they had some shared office space had nothing then suddenly the lucky recipient of like 75 million or something dod IPs. Their 'address' being about 50 mi from Mara Lago. Some may say this was setting up secret comms for the real prez who had relocated to a winter WH.

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I feel as if the veil of untruth has been lifted, keep up the great work Patel. God Bless you.

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What's the primary constitutional responsibility of the Federal Government?

Protect the borders.

An Essential Function above all essential functions.

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So, the key date is 12th of September. If things are to happen, they must happen by then.

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Good work brother informative ,” I don’t always know something , but when I do ?

I know nothing.” ~ SGT Schultz

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Well it seems to me that we are facing what might be a real deadline - namely September 12th. On that date the one year extension on the Emergency expires. If Trump and the Patriots let that emergency expire then they have no legal basis for intervening.

It seems to me that there are a lot of different threads which are coming together now. Could be my wishful thinking of course. But Biden does appear to be melting down, opening the door to whatever the Cabal has in plan for after Biden. And the September 12 deadline is approaching now too.

If ever there was a time to declare a state of emergency it is now. That is, if we do not have a military intervention by 9-12-21 then I will assume that Devolution is just another "cargo cult" fantasy and the Cabal will then just keep ratcheting up the tyranny, here and abroad.

That would mean as well that Trump's slogan of "The Best is Yet to Come" is a travesty.

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anyone noticing the kabul airport bombing video ? the news broke at 10:10 am eastern time . which is 6:10 pm in afghan . why was the bomb in the dark and the aftermath , in the daylight ? listen at the beginning of this video ?magically the"jet" sound travels b4 the light !https://www.facebook.com/BenSwannRealityCheck/posts/393094545508894

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Yet another diligently researched paper and one that continues to give me hope that the end of this nightmare will soon be upon us! Thank you for all your hard work, it is truly appreciated! The horror in Afghanistan seems to be bringing the pot to a boil, it's only a matter of time now...

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In the screen shots of the COGCON alert messages, "White House" is spelled "Whitehouse" ... seems odd.

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This too is part of Devolution. Meaning the military was NOT just going to immediately step in. The Plan needs the people waking up as many as possible. To then NOT COMPLY , to help root out more dirty deeds and corrupt people. And finally to accept and even welcome as Militaries around the world took temporary control and new elections were held and drastic changes took place to enable a better world. As Q said----the only way was the Military, it is that Corrupt


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