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As I have said before, the beauty of Devolution catching on is that there are so many intelligent people contributing to further solidify the theory. Quinn, one of my admins for, shared a thread from twitter that a member had posted. This thread is more than intriguing.

**There appear to be a few references to “Q drops” in this thread. Just a reminder, I haven’t ever read into the Q drops, so I won’t have any comment on those particular tweets. **

I’m going to break this thread down tweet by tweet and try to provide context and clarity.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind as we go through this thread, is that it was written on January 18, 2021; two days before Joe Biden’s “Inauguration.”

Remember what we’ve already covered regarding EO 13848 from Devolution - Part 7. Here are the primary recaps:

EO 13848 was indeed extended for one year. The original EO was issued on September 12, 2018 and was effective until September 12, 2020. The 1 year continuation is effective from September 12th, 2020 through September 12th, 2021. From the notice of continuation:

Note this article from the Washington Post dated March 1, 2002, titled Shadow Government Is at Work in Secret.

The article above from 2002 (Thanks John from Spitballers for sharing) discusses a shadow government and how it has evolved into an indefinite precaution. The mission of this “shadow government” is to “prevent the collapse of essential government functions.”

Let’s dig a little deeper by discussing the role of essential functions in Continuity of Operations Plans and discuss why they are important to devolution. Take a look at Presidential Policy Directive - 40.

5 U.S.C. § 101 lists the agencies which the provisions of PPD-40 apply to:

This means the DoD is required to implement their continuity plans in accordance with the PPD-40 framework. Department of Defense Directive 3020.26 outlines the Continuity policy for the DoD as directed by PPD-40.

PPD- 40 defines the different types of essential functions:

Let’s take a closer look at some publicly available information regarding devolution. On July 2, 2021, the Army published two pamphlets relating to their COOP Program:

AR 500-3 - U.S. Army Continuity of Operations Program

AR 500-30 - U.S. Army Continuity of Operations Program and Planning Procedures

AR 500-30 “describes” (gives the details of) the guidance and procedures outlined in AR 500-3. AR 500-3 “prescribes” (gives direction and guidance for) the procedures outlined in Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 3020.26.

As I have said before, due to the compromised nature of our federal agencies, I believe the nature of devolution we are experiencing is implemented through the DoD (military) down to the selected Special Operations Forces who are continuing the operation of the designated mission essential functions (MEFs). Devolution - Part 9 outlines my belief that the only others who even know about this plan are the Combatant Commanders. These AR 500 pamphlets are army specific but give us a good idea of what the DoD devolution or “shadow government” might look like.

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This gives us great insight and answers some of the tougher questions that come up such as “how could there be so many illegals flooding our country if the military was really in control?” We don’t know what the specific MEFs are, but as it says above, “it is not operationally or financially possible to sustain all MEFs all of the time in an all-hazards environment.” It is likely not operationally possible to sustain security at the border.

Back to the thread:

Executive Order 13603: National Defense Resources Preparedness

I don’t believe EO 13603 is relevant to our devolution. While this order would be important for an overt war, I don’t think it is necessary for a devolution with small scale special operations forces manning MEFs. This policy was used by Trump to produce masks and ventilators during Covid.

Executive Order 13618: Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions

This EO seems to be more relevant. It outlines the importance of secure communications used during “most critical and time sensitive missions.” The team running the show now would most definitely be using the most secure communications possible.

I’ll touch on the small print in the tweet above in more detail later or you can visit the twitter thread found here if you’d like to look closer yourself.

Some significant things to note here is that as you move from COGCON 4 down to COGCON 1, there is a decrease in time to when the continuity plan is fully operational and there are specific staffing level requirements for each level. COGCON 1 means they have activated a continuity plan. Hypothetically speaking, if our country was set to COGCON 2, it means we are just 1 step away from activating a continuity plan and they want the staff to be sufficiently prepared. Here is a breakdown of the levels and their “time to operation” and “staffing level” requirements:

  • COGCON 4

    • Continuity plan is fully operational within 12 hours

    • No staffing required at alternate facility(ies)

  • COGCON 3

    • Continuity plan is fully operational within 8 hours (4 hours to COGCON 2)

    • No staffing required at alternate facility (ies) unless necessary to meet 8-hour operational requirement

  • COGCON 2

    • Continuity plan is fully operational within 4 hours (4 hours to COGCON 1)

    • Deploy sufficient staff to alternate operating facility(ies) to allow activation with 4-hours notice

  • COGCON 1

    • Agency HQ continuity plan activated immediately and report operational status within 2 hours

    • Deploy sufficient staffing to alternate operating facility(ies) to perform essential functions with no notice

**The next few tweets will not have any commentary**

*Note that this voice message has expired*

If you do a google search of “Jan 18 COGCON alert,” you will find plenty of supporting evidence that this alert did happen. There isn’t any MSM coverage of it but there are multiple different people posting about it and the above google trends analysis backs it up.

White House Continuity Of Government Plan and National Coop Exercise

*I just wanted to share the link. I have not personally confirmed the veracity of the information on the site*


*This confirms that the phone number the alerts were sent from is affiliated with an official notification system used by (at least) the US Coast Guard*

Link to Dave Troy Twitter Thread

I don’t think this is significant. See this article from CNN (vomit)

While there are some posts in this twitter thread that appear to be irrelevant, the circumstantial evidence supporting a COGCON level change has potentially huge implications. Clearly, our government used the alert system, a fact which, so far, cannot be disputed. What’s left to determine is whether this alert was real, a test/exercise, or a mistake.

Like I said, I’ve spent quite a bit of time searching for information about this alert and found no indications that it was a mistake. I’ve found no official references to the alert at all. No government agency commented that it was done in error or that there was a scheduled exercise.

Every two years our government performs what is called a National Level Exercise. These are held in even-numbered years.

Here is the description of the 2020 NLE:

Click here to read about a first-hand experience during a real COOP exercise event:

I could not find a reference to exercises in January of 2021 anywhere. If you find one, please let me know. I believe this alert having been sent out is another piece of circumstantial evidence pointing to devolution.

Remember that according to the COGCON levels, there is a requirement of staff to be prepared and ready to operate at alternate locations to prepare for the implementation of COOP plans. Think back to President Trump’s final day in office. He left the white house on Marine One shortly after 8AM and headed to Joint Base Andrews for his farewell speech. This took place hours prior to the “inauguration” of Joe Biden. The only person of significance from his cabinet that was there to see him off was Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. We know that because he is the only one Trump acknowledged in his speech.

Where were the rest of his cabinet members? Where was Chris Miller? If we were really at COGCON level 2, were some of these cabinet members at alternate facilities preparing for initiation of the devolution plan?

Joe Biden’s inauguration was completely different from every prior inauguration. Typically, the outgoing President attends the inauguration and gets a send off from the new President. You don’t need to watch these, but here are the sendoffs of the two prior presidents:

President Trump bids President Obama farewell - YouTube

Barack Obama walks George W. Bush to "Executive One" - YouTube

Trump viewed Biden as illegitimate because that is exactly what he is. Add the COGCON alert to the growing list of circumstantial evidence that Devolution is happening.

I find it fascinating that as time goes on we find more and more indications that a COOP has actually been implemented. Things that seemed irrelevant at the time have now become crucial pieces of evidence pointing to devolution.

It makes me more and more confident that….


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